Featured Photographer: Randall Collis

One of my favorite photographers, Indah Susanti, interviewed me earlier this month and her talent with a camera is matched by her talent as an interviewer. Her questions required me to think about both my history of photography and why I write. Very much enjoyed myself, and wish to thank Indah for the opportunity to learn a bit more about each other. The full interview can be found on her site “INDAHS: Dive, Travel & Photography”

indahs: dive, travel & photography

Featured PhotographerWelcome to the 12th edition of the Featured Photographer monthly post. Please meet Randall Collis, also known with artist name as Dalo Collis. I have been following his blog for years and admiring his photography and writing. I am sure some of readers have been familiar with Randall’s photography at Global Sojurn Photography. But, do you know what has inspired his works? Let’s find out through my interview with him on the following post.

Returning from a morning shoot of the sunrise in Myanmar, a found this peaceful and quiet scene. ~ Randall Collis

If there were one thing you would want the readers to know about you, what would it be?

The one thing would be the best advice I could ever give in addition to working hard: contemplate everything around you and dream.

I daydream all the time, not random daydreams, but dreams with a purpose.  About…

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58 Comments on “Featured Photographer: Randall Collis

  1. A great interview! I would say it is a window into what are behind your images and your writing. They are wonderful and many things I learnd from. The last statement not the least – “The ups & downs are the energy of life.” is so powerful. They are always with us and with the positive view, they are indeed “the energy of life”!

    Such a treat to see those wonderful pictures along the interview too.

  2. Thank you!! Thank you for the beauty that surrounds you…that comes from your soul! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your words and I always love your captures! The words you spoke are truth and it is obvious that you become one with the subject you shoot.
    I am blown away…and I am grateful! So happy I did not miss this ☀️

  3. Thank you for sharing all those inspiring photos Randall and for the lovely interview too. So nice to read it.

  4. Love your interview with Indah, Randall. Your ability to think outside the square and manifest your dreams, is a gift. Both you and Indah create beautiful work and I always enjoy seeing the world through your lens.

  5. I’m also a big fan of Indah’s work and was happy to see you featured on her site. It was great to learn a little more about you 🙂 Hope all is well.

  6. Realisation of dreams require hard work; I am so glad you pointed that out, R. And it’s good to know that my birth place is your favourite subject – when will we see another essay on Hong Kong?

  7. Such touching interview Randall. Your sister is a wise woman. You are simply a remarkable man. 💕

  8. We enjoyed reading this excellent interview and learning more about you, Randall! Take care, all the best.

  9. Randall, It was wonderful to go over to Indah Susanti’s blog and read your thoughts to the questions posed.. And I really enjoyed learning more and enjoyed the choice of photo’s
    Wishing you well my friend as we head into November.
    Love and Light..
    Sue 🙂

  10. I enjoy learning more about you and your dreaming. Your photo is radiantly alive. I love the frame of the white stone fence posts and the solid wooden fence across the road. The sun and the bike rider appear to be in their own universe.

  11. I enjoyed reading your interview, Dalo, interesting and nice to go over each question and your answers. Indeed, “dreams with a purpose,” and I think your sister’s advice is the best when it comes to every life aspect, yes. Thank you for sharing, the photo of the sunrise in Myanmar is wonderful. 🙂

  12. Really enjoyed your interview, you both are my favorite bloggers. Great advice: keep it simple and keep dreaming. Explains why your posts are poetic. Always look forward to reading about your dreams.

  13. Such an insightful interview and a fabulous collection of your photos. Never stop dreaming, please.

  14. That sunlight effect…lovely photo !
    Thank you for share !

  15. A wonderful (and precious) glimpse into Mr. Collis and his work of joy. What sets you apart is how you embrace change, R. This has enabled you in the photography at both the macro level (traveling far and thither for those who can’t) and the micro (as you stay sensitized to the different energy of each new place and adapt your work accordingly). Love the photo of the boy with the candle. I wonder how he held on, with the heat. And yes, I appreciate the lessons from the children you are able to transmit to us.

  16. Of course. Of course….above comment from Holistic Wayfarer…”…embrace change…” Indeed! See you at the rodeo…R.

  17. An excellent interview and it was fun to learn more about your. I totally agree with what you say about risks, they are the spices of life. 🙂

  18. Talking of dreams, Randall, you awakened an old dream. My wife and I have been dreaming of seeing Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Your beautiful picture of Myanmar added to that desire. I think we should see Myanmar first. Any advice for us?

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  20. As you say, “keep things simple” ~ I agree that people often make things more complex than they need be! Great interview about what inspires you to take those beautiful photographs ❤

  21. I liked this post earlier, but was busy and now I have come back to comment 🙂 Absolutely enjoyed this one on Indah’s blog, and such a great way to tell us more about your work and passion. Every shot I see from you, it is a winner and I’ve long wondered about your process. ‘on a very simple foundation: simplicity and honesty’ That is a very humble way to approach your work (and rest of your life too). I think so often a lot of us seek to better each milestone and each other….but after reading your interview, it seems to me that you want to tell it as it is with your work, moment by moment, story by story and that is what makes your work stands out and make it what it is. And maybe also make you who you are through your process.

    It’ s wonderful to have that kind of clarity in one’s work 🙂 For me, I reckon photography will always come second to writing. I’ve always been aboard the Canon bandwagon and have to agree with you that they don’t much of a mirrorless range. I had a Fuji mirrorless which I got three years ago but sold it earlier this year and got a Canon G7X-ii. Smaller and so much easier for traveling.

    And on traveling, hope you are traveling well wherever you are. Enjoy your Fall…or what’s left of it and this year. Take care, and be good 🙂

  22. That was a great read and what a wonderful photo, Randall. This is indeed a delightful way to learn more the bloggers out there!
    All the best! x

  23. Just dropping a much-delayed line to let you know I’d forgotten to go back to this when I first saw it in my inbox and didn’t have a minute to read. It’s a wonderful article and really shone a light on how your perspective inspires your art. Loved it!

  24. Great interview, Randall. Your sister gave you the best advice. You always catch the most stunning scenes, and it is a pleasure to read your clear and sincere writings.

  25. I finally figured out where you keep your magic~ it’s in your dreams, the place your photographs are born. I always wondered how you managed to sprinkle so much enchantment on each one … and now I know. ❤ Happiest of Christmas wishes for you Randy!

  26. Wonderful interview Randal, Hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs and philosphy in the New year I hope.

  27. Your responses reveal the soul of an artist. Daydreaming is often seen as nonproductive, because we live in the world that prefers action over reflection, but I believe many great creations, inventions, and epiphanies that changed the world somehow involved daydreaming in the process. 🙂

  28. It is truly an honor to interview you. Thank you, Randall for inspiring us with you amazing images and wisdom. Keep writing and clicking your camera please… 😉

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