Absinthe ~ Sojourn with the Green Goddess

My glass of absinthe arrives accompanied by an Oscar Wilde quote: “A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?”

The hues reflecting into the window, while a sunrise instead of a sunset, agree with this claim: beauty, wrapped within inspiration. I make a silent toast and close my eyes.  Exhaustion slowly working its way through my body.

The fog of last night makes it difficult to remember how we met, but from the first touch, the first sip, I saw the world through a different lens. Light became particles dancing in front of me ~ waves of color never seen before, flowing and carrying me to my next destination.

I snap my eyes open part in fear of becoming sucked back into the night and disappointed to find she has not returned to sweep me away.  La fée verte.

Yesterday, late afternoon, I felt as if I was in the late 19th century, at the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans watching the world zoom past.  Picking out colors from the blur.

A beautiful blend of cultures, each offering a gift of inspiration and ingenuity to make this New World a better place.  Within a life full of pressure, the peaceful dance between us all relaxes me and I’m without a care.

It is here she reveals herself to me, a penetrating gaze.  Eyes with a story to tell, I look away.

She haunts me all day, her aura evolving with my mood: a day full of dreary work highlighted by a blinding beacon of light.  The sultry air accentuating her smile before slowly dissipating.

She, unknown, has taken a hold of me.

The falling rain mirrors both the loneliness and need for a new reality. I look down at my glass, artistically placed. The enlightenment begins, for to reach the glass I inevitability must brush ever so lightly against her.  Electricity.

A single drop of her potion, is it truth I seek?

Each sip, the world takes on a different meaning.  Her eyes reflect the cloud of green in my glass, twisting around me with a promise, “an experience, forever remembered…”  And she pours herself into my mouth and soul.

Absinthe.  This psychedelic myth, a catalyst for adventures from which many never return, and I suppose, never regret.

Rubbing my eyes, I am tired but in no way sleepy, and begin to play with excuses for my faulty memory and actions of last night.

“A curious soul has no choice but to wander this path…while a courageous soul owns this path.”  This is the rationale I replay continuously in my head. Experiences I’ve long desired, making the question of any regret irrelevant.

Inhale. Exhale.

Her eyes are the invitation. Her warm breath is the distant echo of summer and with a slight tilt of her shoulder, the light dress of summer falls to the floor.

A crisp chill of an autumn breeze hypnotizes me.  A season of change sweeps in and the Green Goddess begins the introduction into my soul; a quick read while hers, conversely, descends back millennia.  Impossible to comprehend.

I have no control and enjoy this feeling of helplessness. Hand in mine she leads me to new places, to realities never imagined and in doing so removes decades of stress from my psyche.

The golden hour of sunset has long since given way into the depths of the blue hour, slowly taking on a yellowish hue as the wicked green hour swallows me whole.

Her invitation had long ago been accepted.

Absinthe, on the rocks with a 3:1 water ratio and a mind open to change and acceptance.  My adventure begins around my third glass… along with another Oscar Wilde quote:

“After the first glass, you see things as you wish they were.  After the second, you see things as they are not.  Finally, you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world.”

“Seeing things as they really are…” Politics of fear shuts borders while diversity fuels bold ideas.  Cowards hoard power while the courageous share.  And evil only exists as a contrast to good.

“Why are there such extremes not only around the globe,” I ask, “but within myself as well?”

The Green Goddess watches as I try to make sense of the world, letting her poison soothe me before adding, “there are people with so much, yet they are completely miserable. And there are people with so little, yet they are incredibly happy.”


Lightly she pushes me down on the sofa, beads of rain glistening off her skin. “It’s because those in power fear change.  Fear to lose their power to those who dream.  Who fantasize.  Who achieve.  Frozen in the past, unchallenged, they create a barren reality where escape is impossible.”

There’s an empty sadness in her voice.  “Be part of the answer.”  She rises and before walking away, leaves a quote hanging in the air. “In the words of John Milton from Paradise Lost,” she exhales, tears running down her cheeks, “The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

Disappearing from the doorway, I hear her faint response blend with the slamming of the door, “Choose heaven…”

Yes.   Life is what we make of it.

Experience it.  Let go of fear.  Embrace differences.  Pursue.  And understand a little absinthe can go a long way…

“… artistic discovery is a never-ending journey where we see both the best and worst of ourselves.”  For appreciation of an artist, a recent post by the Holistic Wayfarer,  Writing: A Hermit’s Journey

137 Comments on “Absinthe ~ Sojourn with the Green Goddess

  1. Very creative imagery in words and pictures, this sounds like a night out on the town, where the green potion of choice makes everything seem magical at the time. The hard reality is we wake up and have to deal with the truth which is harder to hide in daylight. Sitting uneasy with our hangovers and maybe even regrets of the night that past in a colourful haze. We have all been there at some point, human nature is an interesting study Randall. A different angle from you, changing it up keeps life interesting, well done.

  2. Love this green and slightly blurred mood and your narration. Absinthe has acquired quite a bad reputation for reasons I have never understood. My parents kept a bottle of absinthe in a cupboard in case someone gets an upset stomach, which makes sense because all its ingredients are specifically stomach-healing herbs. There is no mystery in absinthe. Playful green fairies and their queen are to blame 😉

  3. Oh, Randall. Truly enjoyed your creative encounter with the Green Goddess in N.O. Pure magic. Life is indeed what we make of it…learning that again and again.

  4. The dizzying captures of your photography are a fitting tribute to the highs of life. Disorientation is a strong indication of letting go. I find that very hard to do. The few moments in which I have — have been liberating! Great post as always! 🙂

  5. Your photos play on the intoxicating elements of life… including alcohol and sex… The woman’s gaze held you, as your words said.. and you continue to hold us entranced with your quality posts!

  6. Very interesting trip, we felt can feel it through pics and words. Really loved this post. It’s different and felt like you were taking me on an intoxicating journey. Having crazy fun in Czech?

  7. This was so deliciously sonorous, I only have one thing to say … “I’ll have what he’s having— and bartender, make it a double.” I love the extraordinary beauty of your world.

  8. This ethereal offer of yours, an allowance into your mystic mind, is most exciting. Honestly, after that second paragraph you had me convienced, unware of where you were going, but willing of the journey. Not just anyone can accomplish what you do. Your muse looks good on you, Randall. Diana’s writing is true and honest talent. I look forward to reading her post, as well.

  9. Well done, Randall! Mystical, intriguing and captivating narratives and images in one post! That’s it, “life is what we make of it.” Thank you for sharing another inspiring post!

  10. Wonderfully moody and vividly sensual! You are an absolute magician with your words and lens Randall.

  11. Intriguing post, Randall. I like the green theme throughout your photos here. I don’t have any experience with absinthe but I feel I might need to try sometime.

  12. I have always liked your sense of duality as that has been part of my thinking to. You can’t appreciate the light without dark, health without sickness, good without evil. I don’t think humans have the capacity to understand without contrast. What a fun and sexy post supported with glorious images seen through that green haze. At times the writing style felt like the narration cadence of an old time detective novel. Moody and marvelous.

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