“I’m Back in the DPRK…You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are”

All apologies to Lennon-McCartney for borrowing their line…great song.

For my last post before I head off to the DPRK.  To keep consistent with my latest post on the Golden Hour of photography, I have put the below shot as a send off.  With this photo, I need to give thanks to our the men & women in uniform who ensure our liberties and freedoms ring strong and true.  Thanks for making all this so.

See you at the end of June.

The Goddess of Democracy and Freedom

The Goddess of Democracy and Freedom Waiting for All to Return

4 Comments on ““I’m Back in the DPRK…You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are”

  1. Looking forward to hearing about (and seeing pictures of) your journey when you get back. Bon voyage!

  2. Hey Jessica, in China now and can checkout any webpage that does not have ‘wordpress’ in the address…so will have some access in China. Hope to have some success seeing & photographing the sights. Cheers!

  3. Another great shot. And must be interesting to visit DPRK. Although it looks like you are back in China. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

    • The DPRK was absolutely intriguing…and hope to return next year. Would really like to get a small group of photographers together for a trip to Pyongyang and the countryside. It is nice to be back in Hong Kong, but like all good travel, miss the experiences of the DPRK.

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