The Boy From Po Toi

Echoes of a ghost?  Of the future?  Of the past?

There is a feeling of perplexity.  I’m no longer standing in the conference room on the top floor of a skyscraper.  There are no floor-to-ceiling windows with Hong Kong harbor far below.  And my Armani suit?  Transformed into what appears to be rags.     

There is panic, but also familiarity.  I look down at my hands holding huge buckets of supplies, filled to the brim; shocked to learn I can hold so much.  My first instinct is to drop the buckets, must be too heavy but the weight is electric. My arms and shoulders are full of life.

I let out a lighthearted sigh. I’m not sure what I am doing but it feels right.

Beside me, the sea glimmers with life while the sun prepares for another colorful dive to end the day. I’d like nothing better than to sit peacefully and watch her.  How is it I am here?

I recognize this world.  This body.  My blood, powered by a slow heartbeat flowing briskly with purpose.  I lift a bucket up towards my face without effort, ignoring the pungent fish odor.  The power of my arms makes me smile.  Damn, I feel good.   Am I dreaming?

The smell of the sea vanishes, replaced by the scent of the exotic. My heart races.  Ms. Laura walks my way, pausing as she looks at my hands ~ ha, perhaps it’s my powerful arms?  She blushes, smiles, and quickly looks away.

Her dress, beautiful and modest, does not belong here. We are a fishing village; well-worn clothes are all we own.  It finally dawns on me.  This is no dream.  I am a man of the sea, she is not.  I speak the Hakka dialect, a little Cantonese, and zero English.

“Did you enjoy class today?”  Ms. Laura asks very slowly, enunciating every syllable, her British accent snaps me to attention.

My mind spins with answers.  I understand her English words but my voice cannot be found. With a red face, I spew out a reply in my unintelligible Hakka dialect.

She laughs. “You need to study harder, or could it be you need a different teacher?!?”  I look at her in fear, a little slow getting her joke before she reassures me and puts her hand on my shoulder, resting it longer than one would consider normal.  I relax. Her touch transports me to another world.

A world where we are together, she’s my wife in total happiness. Quickly the dream fades with the chuckle from my fishing partner, Xiao Gao.  He grabs a bucket and loads it onto our skiff and without skipping a beat says, in a rough Hakka tone, “Rui-de, you’ve attended her class all year, yet you cannot speak one word of English,”  his infectious laughter inspires others to join in.

“She is so perfect…” my face still burning, I let my words trail.

Sometimes I’d like to just fly away, I think to myself. Escape into my dreams and chase the world. But then all I have to do is look around.  Everything I want is here.

My mind begins doing battle with my memory.  Somewhere, I know her.  I’ve talked with her.  I’ve been with her.  But I catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection on the water and I laugh a bit at the thought.

Me.  A simple Po Toi Island boy.

The blast of the horn signals the departure of the Po Toi ferry back to Hong Kong Island and the wealthy Stanley village. We are cut off again from the outside world until its return.

Three times a week this picturesque lady arrives in Po Toi to teach English to our dwindling population. Most of my friends have already left to seek a better life.  For me, though, Po Toi is my home.

Well, the sea is my home, Po Toi the place where I have the greatest access.

Another great ending to the day.  Ms. Laura takes her position alone at the stern of the ferry and our eyes lock, my favorite part of her visits.

With the sun gently reflecting off her golden hair, framing the picture of perfection, she looks over her shoulder to see if anyone is watching and then turns back and brings her fingers to her lips and waves me goodbye.

It is a goodbye with hope.  Recognition of yuan-fen (缘分).  The moment in time where our destinies align and we become what we are meant to be.

The changing reality of what “can be” sends my heart pounding to the beat of the surf.  The world once again has meaning.  I step onto the skiff and head out to the deeper waters to chase my living.  Chase my dream.

The sea knows my soul. The sea is my soul. Nevertheless, it is possible there is something else out there for me as well. My mind and memory once again run wild to find her, to find our future.

193 Comments on “The Boy From Po Toi

  1. A very thoughtful anecdote, Randall. Reading this piece I almost believed you were the boy from Po Toi. The part about the dream of a world with another partner and being able to be around someone just you are was very nicely done. It’s a touching and thoughtful stories of dreams and hope for the future. Reality is reality and the lives we all lead isn’t always smooth sailing. I think all of us has the capacity to fly and feel the world is at our feet – it just depends on the way we think. Then again, sometimes how we feel can’t change the way we think, just like how sometimes you can’t change your beliefs.

    What ‘can be’ is powerful, the epitome of hope burning inside within us. Feeling hopeful is one thing, and feeling that it’s meant to be is another thing altogether. There is also the feeling of things will fall apart so better things will fall together – and some things will fall into place. That’s how I often think when going through phases of self-doubt. I let myself be inspired and driven by the positive, never anything form of negativity and frustration.

    As usual, wonderful photography, Randall 🙂

    • I very much like your comment, this anecdote in a sense is very much me ~ as one of my friends asked me “Po Toi must be Hakka for Pendleton…” 🙂 The very first time I visited this island and began learning of its history and seeing the abandoned school and old houses in the interior, I began wondering how life was here so many years/decades ago. Life is truly relative, and therefore I think the joys of our highs and the questions of our lows are something everyone can relate to. It is only the invisible barriers that separate us (country, culture, class, etc…).

      The power of dreams and thinking of what else is out there is powerful ~ even if we never leave, the mind will always carry on with its adventures. There is always balance in life, so when you find yourself swimming in negativity there is definitely some positivity out there too to balance it all out. Just focus on what is needed 🙂 Granted may not be all that simple, but I like to keep it this way. Wishing you a great Friday and coming weekend ahead Mabel.

      • You said it – the mind will always carry on, just focus on what is needed. I might add to that, what we feel and want. It’s so easy to over-complicate things – to jump to assumptions and conclusions when there is always another perspective of a different life. The weekend has been amazing for me so far… not sure how to describe it, but maybe Milky Way euphoric is the phrase 🙂

      • Ha, ha ~ great to hear Mabel, and Milky Way euphoric is going to be the new phrase 🙂 Sounds like the perfect weekend for you, focusing on what you need, for we all know 🎶you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need 🎶☺️

  2. What a beautiful, intriguing post. It’s fabulous on all counts. I lived in Hong Kong years ago, and it brought back touching memories.

    • Thank you very much, Jane. There is something special about Hong Kong, and it is great to discuss it with people who have spent time there. A place I think we will always revisit in our dreams…

      • Wonderful to hear about dear Hong Kong! I spent many happy sojourns there back in the nineties directing TV commercials for a film company on Hong Kong Island. I used to stay in Happy Valley, but got out to Stanley whenever I could where a photographer friend of mine had a flat. There was something magical about being able to sit on the beach there and look out on the South China Sea. Lovely post. Thank you.

      • What an experience that must have been, Happy Valley a great location ~ the 90s ended up being the last of the free-wheelin’ decades for Hong Kong. The growth of China (Shenzhen/Shanghia) has changed the scene greatly now – but culturally the city still holds true to the bright lights as well as its shadows. The most diverse, beautiful city I’ve experienced. Thank you for your story ~ when are you headed back?!? 🙂

  3. Thank you for starting my day with your mystical story Randall. As always, beautifully written and perfectly illustrated. Are you back in HK or drawing from archives? Perhaps the yearning in your story reflects your wish to revisit the places you call home. In any case, it’s given me a lovely beginning for my morning😊. Thank you.

    • It is wonderful to hear the story was a part of your morning, Tina. Thank you very much. I was back in Hong Kong in March, and yes, I think gave me a push to write this story. It also reflects the feelings I have of my hometown and as you say the yearning to return and revisit home. Wish you a great day ahead.

  4. Never stop chasing you dream, Randall. You have beautiful encounters on your way and you deliver us wonderful stories and outstandingly magical images. One should always be fearless in pursuits of what set one’s soul on fire. Wishing you a fabulous weekend. x

    • Thank you, Dina ~ I think there is not a better way to encounter the more magical moments of life than through dreaming. By doing so, it makes it possible when a similar experience comes our way in reality, we know what to do and how to chase and live it fully. Cheers to our dreams.

  5. Randall, very interesting and beautiful photos for this captivating post about Po Toi Island. Many years ago, I went to a small island like that off the coast of South Viet Nam, with a tiny population, which probably was all assembled on the beach to see us arrive in a boat.

    • Thank you, Hien. There is something very special about villages located in remote areas, and for me especially on islands. I think you must have had similar feelings when you visited the small island off the coast of South Viet Nam ~ special to see it, for you as well as for them.

  6. Fantastic story and photos. Have we not experienced similar situations and emotions at some point in our lives when there was someone so close yet so far away separated by class, culture, language, age — any number of elements within the human condition — chasms we can only cross in our most fantastic thoughts and dreams?

    • Absolutely. Those experiences and emotions where we see things and feel things so perfectly but invisible barriers inevitably show themselves and will forever limit all that could be. Still ~ we have our thoughts and dreams to keep us moving on. Hoping that someday…

  7. Whether in a conference room or a fishing boat I’m certain you’ve inspired many to follow their dreams. In turn, you’ve been granted an incredible space, a life many envy, to dream and chase them. For me your story and photos helped me see your soul a little better. Root of destiny and allowing its magic. Sometimes life chooses us. The two of you perfectly paired. Enjoy your weekend, Mr. Collis.

    • This is a beautiful way to look at life, Audrey, whether in a conference room or in a fishing boat ~ dreams do not change much and nor should the person. There is something about getting a glimpse of something unexpected, to see an opportunity to stretch the wings a bit to move us in one direction or another. Yes, I think there is probably a little of my soul showing in this story, and the idea that sometimes life chooses us is a nice one. Wish you a great day, Aud, and thank you very much.

  8. Exquisite photos and story Randall. The dance of dream and real life was evocative and mysterious. I’m not sure I know what was real. Maybe that was your intention. Regardless, you painted a lovely story that I’m happy to have read and followed along, a little bewildered and mesmerized, maybe like the boy from Po Toi. And I’d love to see this enchanting beautiful teacher, Laura! 🙂

    • This is a great comment, Brad. I think there is always this dance between reality and dream, and on certain days we find ourselves more in one of those worlds than the other. Kind of makes every day a bit of a mystery as to what it can and will bring. And yes…Laura 🙂 Wish you a great day and thank you very much.

  9. As always, beautiful and captivating photos and words. I felt that you are the Boy from Po Toi ….. in the story and perhaps in another life.

    • You make a very perceptive comment ~ there are a lot of similarities, and it is the beauty of words, photography, and the imagination that can try to bridge the gap between what we see & know versus what else is out there. Thank you very much.

  10. What beautiful, wistful writing! And your gorgeous photos provide the perfect illustration. Thank you for whisking me away with you into this dream-world.

    • There are times where I would like to spend all day wrapped up in my dream-world, but then there is nothing quite like finding similar such situations in the real world to keep things so interesting. Thank you very much for the great comment.

  11. Randall, what exquisite photos, and a delightful romantic story. Goodbyes with hope are the best! 📚 Christine

    • Thank you very much, Christine, and I agree fully: goodbyes with hope wrapped within are the best. Cheers ~

  12. Such a poetic post, and the photos are so beautiful! Reality is, I think, what we ourselves believe is real, or somehow… what we focus on, the things we pay attention to and invest in because we feel them in tune with something within us. The story we are telling ourselves, perhaps almost like a script? And then the other things, details tend to fall into the background and the ones we have our eyes upon simply take center stage and begin to unfold for us. Taking us along with them. We become part of the narrative we decided or just happened to give shape to… and now the reality as we knew it seems the dream, we feel that it matters in a different way than before, as our soul and heart have become anchored into the new universe we have created, its hues, rhythms… like in a different world or land. But then again, that is just what I think, or simply feel. Wishing you a sunny weekend, Dalo, and a nice beginning of May. 🙂

    • A wonderful comment, Nicole, thank you very much. Sometimes I really do think we spend the day, part in a dream and part in reality. Depending on our mood and what we focus on, as you say, is where our perception of reality is created. It is a thought that many physicists today also ponder, although in a much deeper, mathematical way ~ but still a bit of a theory I find inspiring. We, in many ways, as you describe, become part of the story as the script is our creation. Wishing you a wonderful evening & nights of dreams ~

  13. An astounding amalgamation of dreams, reality and pictures! This boy doesn’t seem to be that naive…he is living the dream through his picturesque surroundings! 🙂

    • Sometimes, it is the simplest of places where the greatest dreams are dreamt; where people and life are true to the core. I always think of my hometown and the people I grew up with when having such thoughts 🙂 Thank you for the very nice comment, Balroop.

    • Thank you very much, Eliza. It is always good to escape into another world every now and then 🙂

  14. “I’m not sure what I am doing but it feels right” is so right – a dream of a Hakka boy dreaming in English led us into his world.

    Those images took me back to my birth place that I left so long ago. Maybe I should go back there to teach English 🙂 Thank you, Randall.

    • You definitely should go back there an teach English, what an incredible experience it would be for you to see all that has change ~ and even better, all that has not. There is something special about HK culture, so rich and complex, I think you’d immediately feel at home. Cheers to dreams and to a great day ahead. Thank you, Mary.

      • That would be a dream- cheers, Randall.

    • Most days I am lucky to be mistaken for a cubic zirconia, so on those very rare moments when someone says I shine like a diamond, it is a good day 🙂 Thank you ~ cheers to a good weekend coming up.

      • Dear Dalo, my compliment, it has full value, only if you listen Pink Floyd’s song “Shine like a crazy diamond”! 😀

      • This will be my theme song for the year ~ “Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond…” A perfect song and also a perfect compliment. Great story how Waters and Wright were writing the lyrics to this song and Syd Barrett showed up and helped and initially had no clue who this chap was. Beautiful piece ~ thank you.

      • Pink Floyd is my favorite musicians! I hope that this song, to remembers a little bit about me! 😀

      • Yesterday evening I watched the “Wish You Were Here” documentary (excellent) because you reminded me of this excellent album ~ perfect ending to the weekend. Thank you 100% and our theme for the year “Shine on You crazy Diamond” ~ Cheers!

      • Ok Dalo … meanwhile, I’m preparing the musical theme for the next year! 😀

    • 🎶I don’t know what it is, but I know that I can’t live without her… 🎶
      Thank you, R., I think it must be something in the Oregon water (or rain) 🙂

  15. Such sweet dialogs! With those gorgeous pictures and your flow of thoughts, I can almost feel the present of each character and the places they are in. Wonderful!

    • Wonderful to read your comments, and thank you ~ the flow of the story has passed through my mind many times. Felt great to be able to lay it out in words and photos. Cheers ~

  16. The element of familiarity between the boy and myself, in the ways we dream about love and life, is restorative to my well-being, especially at this moment. I am glad I came across at this post on Facebook.

    The way you creatively weave a story together with beautiful images and philosophy is a trademark of a Randall Collis. Looking forward to reading your next adventure. 🙂

    • Thank you for the great comment, Maricel, and to hear you see elements of similarities between you and the boy lets me know you connected with the writing ~ as with me, it is always hope mixed with reality that keeps me and my mind moving. Keeps me thinking of possibilities and, of course, I’m always waiting for the next adventure 🙂 Cheers to a great day ahead.

      • Hope and reality~I’ll keep that in mind. Perhaps I dream too much? 🙂 Cheers to a great weekend! Take care. 🙂

      • You can never dream too much 🙂
        Dreaming makes for a better reality 🙂

  17. Randall, please excuse my rudeness for I have yet to read your post, but I shall … promise. I’ve been perusing themes to change mine and your theme I have fallen in love with because the reader can blow up the pictures. Is this a WP theme? If so would you mind telling me which theme it is? I look forward in sitting back to really dig into this post …. your work is phenomenal! Thank you!

    • This is a very good question. It is the Photographer theme, a WP theme.
      I remember review many themes, and this one seemed clean and simple which worked well for photography.

  18. “It is a goodbye with hope. Recognition of yuan-fen (缘分). The moment in time where our destinies align and we become what we are meant to be.”
    Ahhh… I have to memorize these sentences. Beautiful words!
    Have a great day.

    • Thank you, Helen. Funny you mentioned these sentences, as the thought behind those words were part of the initial creative process for me when starting this piece. Cheers to a great day ahead.

  19. Very evocative. I could picture myself on Po Toi Island. I’m a bit confused by the opening paragraph, though. Is this part of a continuing story?

    • Thank you very much, Timothy. The opening paragraph is simply to set a mood of confusion/questioning at the beginning of the story ~ the possibility of this person having a different future/past…or simply different dreams. Good question about the continuing story ~ I think most things I write I always envision the story continuing, but it seems such a thought always fades away rather quickly. For this story, however, I think a continuation would fit well. Cheers to a great weekend ahead.

  20. Your words and images led me straight into your fantasy. Have to admit that the mist in the 2nd to last image, took my breath away. And I keep going back to the marvelous framing of the 3rd capture of sun/sky/sea and rocks. I imagine that’s you up there with camera, miraculously transported from one end of the camera to the other. It’s always such a pleasure to dive into your posts.

    • The 3rd shot gives me a feeling of peacefulness I found in Po Toi. The island itself has a great history, the southernmost island in Hong Kong, so often used by pirates and smugglers throughout its history…I had thought about using this as a basis for the story 🙂 Like you, I’m immediately drawn to images and the feel of the ocean. Enjoy the coming weekend, cheers ~

  21. Yuanfen, karma and magic- that is your post. Your pictures and prose take one to a Never-never land.

    • Thank you very much for the nice compliment, Sidran. Nothing like having a story or photo transport us, for however short a period, to a different place. Cheers.

  22. A beautiful story of guidance from our soul Randall. I am being led by my soul more and more, and this leads me to places, people and experiences of abundance, that my mind would have stopped me from receiving again and again. Our dreams and our soul purpose is within us; and all we have to do is surrender to thiis truth and keep saying yes to the inknown.

    • It seems when we ask questions to ourselves and we are patient enough for a response, things tend to open up a lot quicker and clearer than we could have ever imagined. Asking questions is the easier part, being patient and listening, in the end, tends to be the harder pieces to get.

  23. I so enjoy your creative mind, Randall! The story is so full of emotions and life experiences, told through the eyes and wonder of innocence! And of course, the photos are striking. Thanks for always providing me (all) with an escape into another world.
    Many blessings to you. I am Blessitude to have our connection.

    • Thank you for your very nice reply, Lorrie. This story unfolds, for me, the way I like to see life unfold ~ a blend of a little bit of everything which can then make any dream possible. 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend ahead.

  24. Always a good day when I see your email in my inbox. Thank you for this fascinating collection of images and for this beautiful story!
    Wish you a very nice weekend!

    • Thank you very much, Dana. Po Toi Island was the perfect place to sit back and enjoy ~ with many photographic opportunities. Wishing you a continuation of the great spring you are enjoying.

  25. Where to begin? Somehow a response to your Gift is inadequate. Randall. My God! Why am I in tears? How you touch me without even being present. Between the story you weave, with subtleties directed to multiple lives, and your photographs of a world with your spirit wrapping them up in such a way that leaves me speechless …. How you have emblazoned my Soul with Emotion! You are Magic. A Whisper. A flash of Recognition. You are Brilliant. You leave me in awe … I feel like the blushing boy who stumbles to say one word in English that makes sense.

    • A wonderful comment, Amy, as I think any time a writer or photographer is able to move its viewer, triggering thoughts or emotions ~ they’ve succeeded. One of the great challenges and one reason I love the creative process, is figuring out how I can insert my emotions of a piece so the reader/viewer can have an experience (even if their experience is very different). You even do this in your comments, great final sentence. Thank you, Amy, and wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

      • I understand the challenge, one that at times finds me for days scribbling on my yellow pad. Your Gift of story telling woven always with deeper meaning is quite the inspiration to me, Randall. I really appreciate other artists work and make sure I do my best to express that appreciation. There is such a flood of pictures and writing these days that genuine appreciation for the artist is not seen much … I think we artists must work all that harder to evoke true creativity that holds the readers’ attention. Again thank you for sharing your Gifts with us.

  26. Your hope is so contagious, Dalo. The “can be” is both exciting and terrifying. The mind sure loves to talk us out of trusting what feels right, exploring “impossibilities”, and believing in the magic that is everywhere and so eager to help us, if we open ourselves up to it and follow where it leads. There is always a way. Warmest wishes, always.

    • This is the one thing ‘hope’ delivers pretty consistently in my life, the belief there is always a way. After reading your comment, I realized during my whole life I’ve always had a belief in finding a way ~ and now understand this is the very definition of hope. I’d be lost without it for sure. Thank you very much, Julie. Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  27. Dear Randall, thank you for an amazing journey. If only we could be someone else, even briefly, it would surely put so many things into perspective. “Echoes of a ghost? Of the future? Of the past?” Perhaps it’s all three, and why not? This is a beautiful story with truly spectacular photos, a wonderful escape into another world for a Saturday afternoon, thank you. Wishing you a terrific Sunday and a marvelous week ahead. Take good care. ~ Mia

    • Dear Mia, a wonderful comment, thank you. I often wonder ‘what it would be like’ to experience a life so different than mine. While the experiences would likely be wildly different, I’ve come to believe at the core of who we are, we are all quite similar in dreams and hopes. I am always a bit surprised and relieved by this revelation, and understand we all are in search and need of hope.

      I like the idea of fusing together our dreams/ghosts of past/present/future ~ great way of thinking 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend ahead full of sunshine. Take good care ~

      • Thank you, Randall for such beautiful words and thoughts. Perhaps part of the key to understanding differences can be found within our dreams, both the ones envisioned and the ones found in sleep. I think this is where we are able to experiencing all sorts of things at a subconscious level, hopefully we can tap into these things and bring them to a level of conscious awareness, finding, as you mentioned, more likenesses “at the core of who we are”. Hope does keep us going. Thank you, wishing you a great weekend too!

      • Dreams do hold many answers. Perhaps dreams even inspires the subconscious in its endless battle with reality 🙂 Daoist philosophy has a goal to return to the mind of a child ~ the mind where differences do not exist. Your words remind me of this, quite beautiful. Cheers to a continued wonderful springtime Mia.

  28. Such powerful words and beautiful images (as always).

    I actually felt through your words that you were the boy from Po Toi and I got a little confused for a while there – my brain and memory processes concepts slowly these days (in retirement from full-time work).

    • A great response and the way you felt/thought about the boy is how went about writing this story ~ a bit of the feeling of hope and dreams in us all. Thank you very much, Vicki, wish you a wonderful day ahead.

  29. Such an evocative story, Randall. Your creative writing takes us to Po Toi with its bucolic scenes, a stark contrast to a concrete metropolis at its doorstep. I have been to several small islands around Hong Kong, but never to this one. This gives me an idea of where to go next when I return to this fascinating city.

    • Agree, it is hard to believe Po Toi is a part of the concrete jungle most people relate to Hong Kong, it lies at the opposite extreme. This island is the southernmost island in Hong Kong and has a fascinating history: piracy and smuggling. There is an old abandon house in the more vegetative area of the island which use to be owned by a ‘wealthy smuggler’ so I think you’d be fascinated by this place.

    • Nothing quite like the bridge between reality and imagination ~ one place I like to spend most of my time. Cheers to a great weekend and happy travels for you.

  30. As beautiful as always, Randall. The heart and soul wear the same garb and dream the same dreams, no matter where we hail from.

    • Could not agree more, Sue, thank you. A pureness to the dreams when they come directly from the heart & soul. Cheers to a great weekend ahead.

  31. Extraordinary photographs, as always!… I love these natural landscapes, so colourful and perfect… In many ways!.
    Thanks for sharing. Love & best wishes. Have a great week 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you very much Aquileana ~ nothing quite like the colors and settings in nature 🙂 Wish you a great weekend.

  32. I wonder Randall whether you haven’t already met her 😉 Do keep on dreaming, writing and taking these divine images .. Thank you

    • Ha, ha ~ thank you, Julie, I think you may be right 😉
      Nothing quite like dreaming to complement photography and writing. Wishing you a great weekend ahead.

  33. Your mystical travels leave beautiful traces in the mind, Randall. And your images bring it all to life. Intriguing and just plain wonderful.

    • I like this thought, our travels over the years leaving traces in the places we’ve been, and while doing so, the places we’ve been leave deep and strong traces of their culture with us. Makes it easier to dream and imagine such stories and opens a door to many new ideas. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Helen, thank you very much.

    • Thank you very much, Emilio. The scenes of Toi Po were very helpful in whispering this story to me 🙂 Cheers to a great day.

  34. A presentation packed with incredible photos each of them with a story of their own.
    Always giving us the best in photography and story telling

    • Thank you very much for the kind words, Eddie, when a photo can tell a story itself, the process of writing becomes so much easier. Cheers to a great day.

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  36. once more and once again – you rule and rock, young man… 🙂 some say you’re a ‘dream chaser’, but… may I call you a genuine ‘dream catcher’?!… 😉
    * * *
    Have a great week ahead, oceans of inspiration and my very best… c u asap! 🙂

    • 🙂 After a never-ending Monday, I see this wonderful comment and the day is made 🙂 Thank you very much, Mélanie, 谢谢!Nothing quite like catching some dreams ~ a good motto to start off each day. Cheers to a great week ahead.

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