Musings of my Quantum World


The verdict: a decision to affect and disrupt a life. My choice to veer off the comfortable path, abandon the current state of happiness and venture into the unknown.

Why? To chase down a mysterious, obscure sensation I cannot explain.

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe in the fresh air flowing off Hood Canal and let the peacefulness of the surroundings make the decision for me.


The Olympic Mountain range is wrapped around by the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound. Nestled in-between, a small cabin on the water rests within the gaze of Mt. Ellinor.

I’ve come to her to help reach this verdict.

Asia or Central Europe? Retreat to the familiarity bred from a commitment to Asia spanning decades or leap into the chaos of the unknown and invent a new life in Bohemia?


The creation of two different lives, a divergence of my universe the moment the decision is made.

In one universe, I sleep for a few more hours and then rise, make a pot of coffee and with mug in hand, walk down to the shore of Hood Canal and watch the sunrise.


In another universe, I look at the clock barely able to focus on the time of ‪2:30am and roll out of bed.  Throw on some clothes; grab a mug of yesterday’s coffee, pick up my camera gear and head out to trek up to the top of Mt. Ellinor.

A trek in the dark to meet the rising sun. To meet a new tomorrow.  


My brain whispers “sleep.” My heart screams “get out of bed.”

Quietly I lie, listening to the blood course through my veins. I feel myself fading toward the sound of laughter and I fall deep, searching for its origin. Thoughts and visions vivid enough to swallow me whole as I happily drift off to dream.

The silence pulses throughout my body; my senses heightened and a restless surge of energy melds my dream into reality. It pushes me out of bed, I go searching for its origin: I must see what lies out there…


A feeling of a divergence begins to form, and I open my eyes to the cold, quiet darkness around me. She whispers to me, her words soft, “Come join me in nirvana…” her sweet fragrance caressing me, and I close my eyes.

The cold, quiet darkness is calling out.  An inviting whisper, “Join the beauty of my dreams, the silence of reaching the summit as the morning sun breaks.”  My heart begins to beat rapidly, ahead lies a trek up the steep slopes.


Years ago, contemplating my future, I was asked a simple question, “When in Asia do I miss the USA?” My answer was quick, “Yes.” It was then followed by another question, “When I am in the USA, do I miss Asia?” and again I quickly answered, “Yes.”

Then came the advice I’ve followed ever since: “When the answer to either one of these questions change, you know what you should do…create something new.”

Inhale. Exhale.

The beauty of silence.

The smell of fresh coffee soothes, and I look out at the changing sky.  The glow of the morning sun breaks through enough to highlight an image of a fishing boat heading out to explore.

There is peace listening to the water, the sounds drifting away as I wake from my dream, enjoying the start of another day.


The beauty of silence.

Low-lying clouds shimmer around Mt. Rainier off in the distance. The morning sun breaks over the horizon and the electricity of possibilities fill the air.  A brand new day arrives and a brave new world awaits.  

How does one describe the fragrance of a sunrise?

With the verdict rendered, an old friend shows up.  A welcome interruption to the sanctity of the morning, and she glances towards me as if to bid me farewell.  


190 Comments on “Musings of my Quantum World

  1. Randy, you have traveled far and wide and I have certainly enjoyed following your journeys here. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your path. Let’er Buck.Thanks for keeping us updated, your words and pictures are awe inspiring.

    • Hey Kev, catching up on old and missed messages. My path and journey is very much rooted in everything Pendleton ~ as you know nothing quite beats the friends and family atmosphere that Pendleton creates. Returned back to the States a week ago, and there is not a better feeling than coming home. I’m in Seattle for a couple of weeks then have to venture back out for work. Wishing you and your family the best my friend, take care!

  2. Randall, this is a moving and heady meditation. Your photograph and words are so beautiful!
    As is your old friend.

    • Thank you very much Karen ~ nothing like being able to step back and observe once and awhile.

  3. I’m lost in the beauty of your post .. I’ve missed you. I’m glad too that you know the right questions to ask. 😃 wishing you a special 2017

    • It is always the good questions that can lead to adventure ~ as you have discovered. Wishing you a great autumn and looking forward to what lies ahead 🙂

  4. Well Randall, I had been wondering for a while what had happened to you – so nice to “see” you again! As always, your post is beautifully done – photography is wonderful as is your commentary. I take it you’ve decided to rise to a new challenge, for which I applaud you. I would very much miss your Asia photography tho, and hope your files are deep enough that you will continue to share some of them. And of course we can all look forward to your images of Europe. All the best to you whatever you decide – be sure to take us along on your journey! Happy and adventurous 2017 to you!

    • I had to chuckle at your comment about what had happened to me, as it seems my disappearance on WP was extended for even longer than I imagined. Travel and work has been in overdrive this year, and while I’ve enjoyed it ~ it did lead me away from writing and to a large extent photography. The great thing is being able to see the work and words of others which inspires me to return to the creativity I enjoy. Cheers to further adventures.

  5. Happy New Year Randy! Does this mean you’re contemplating a big change? I am in the midst of provoking changes in my current quantum world. Cheers to a fabulous year ahead for all.
    PS I especially love your 2nd and last photos 😉

  6. Oops I thought I wrote you comment maybe I didn’t do it properly. Are you contemplating big changes? I am in my quantum world.
    Happy New Year Randy!

    • Hey there Sofia, first need to congratulate you on your news…wonderful, and this will be a nice and big change for you as well. If you ever find yourself in the Czech Republic, let me know although I’m currently back in the States. Wishing you the absolute best.

      • Thank you so much! 🙂 It should be arriving sometime in January so next year will be very different! You live the Czech Republic now?

      • Different and so beautiful, it must be very exciting. Yes, I am spending most of my time in the Czech Republic with some visits back to the States and Asia. Wishing you well!

  7. It is always nice to read your words, admire the photos… There’s much truth in your posts, here that complex feeling of divergence, somehow the fact that only too often, being in one place and loving it, we also seem to miss another, and so on, which can be quite interesting to manage inside, trying to enjoy every little thing as we should, to find a beautiful balance. 🙂 As for creating something new, also a nice thought, especially with the brand new year ahead. Wishing you well, Dalo.

    • Thank you Nicole, you write this feeling so well “trying to enjoy every little thing as we should, to find a beautiful balance.” I think this is the key to finding the best in life and enjoying what it brings. Wishing you a fantastic remainder of the summer and to finding the beautiful balance in life.

  8. Create something new! The musings of your universe have similarities to what I experienced in my universe…quite some time ago. When we make the decision listening to the deep sensation we cannot fully explain, we always arrive in the right place. Wonderful post, again, Randall. Your photos are gorgeous!

  9. “My brain whispers “sleep.” My heart screams “get out of bed.”” The story of my life in a nutshell. 😆 Here’s to a new year of exploration and creating new experiences! Wishing you all the best as you take in Eastern Europe.

  10. Hi Randall, The visual journey with your stunning landscapes got my creative juices flowing, then coupled with your honest narrative– doubts, searching and decision-making took me to another level of involvement in your story. I inhaled and exhaled deeply –second time today since I went to Pilates this morning. Whatever you choose, I know you will make it an enriching life experience. Wishing you a joyful new year filled with friendships, adventures, nature and art.

  11. Wow! Just stunning! I got totally LOST in your photos, like I fell into them. And you write so beautifully and poetically. Really enjoyed this… Blessings, Harula xxx

  12. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe – I guess that is what you are driving at throughout this post. No matter how lost or uncertain about which path to take, all we can do is breathe, one breath at a time. Breathe a breath that gives us life and take one moment at a time.

    “My brain whispers “sleep.” My heart screams “get out of bed.” I smiled when I read out this line. Don’t we all feel this way when things get into a routine and we get comfortable. It is always so easy to rest on our laurels because we have security. But on the other hand, there is only so much we can get out of staying in one place and taking it easy. I suppose venturing out into the unknown alone is scary…but it never fails to bring an adrenaline rush – like probably how you feel each time you ascend Mt Ellinor.

    Beauty certainly lies in silence, agree with you right there. Nothing like being left with our own thoughts…and then ourselves forgetting those thoughts and simply focusing on what’s around us. It reminds me of the second half of last year where I begun venturing out into places away from the city where I live. Hours and hours on a train or a tram or a bus, only to end up with some lovely scenery in sight – and often all by myself. Nothing like taking the world all in as it actually is.

    Brilliant photography as usual. Sharp. And sharp words too. Wishing you well this year, and hope all is well with you, Randy 🙂

  13. A beautiful tribute to your worlds, one which I have always learned to appreciate. Something very special about the Olympic peninsula, no?! As always you makes us enjoy your world with amazing photos. I wish you a very good new year, Randall.

  14. The whispers from the soul can be so quiet and subtle. But, when we silence the distractions in our minds, it becomes the most commanding voice in the world. It sounds as though you have found both the physical and mental location to do just that. Inspiring words ane photographs, Randall, thanks for sharing.

  15. Each photo is a masterpiece in itself. The lighting, frame, color, selection, all come together to produce
    visual perfection. The accompanying descriptions contribute more than anyone could ever think possible.
    Adventures in China look and sound so very exciting! Thanks for such a heart throbbing presentation!
    A very Happy New Year to you!!!

  16. Stunning words and images. I love the dual questions about the US and Asia. I ask myself the same questions, even now from Canada. But I know I will always, always miss Asia. I’m intrigued by your mention of Central Europe and Bohemia… Happy New Year, Randall.

  17. Glad to see you back Randall, such beautiful images and musings. I love the sense of yearning you capture in your decision-making. Whether it is familiar or new, I hope it’s wonderful.

  18. Absolutely glorious landscapes! Makes me want to pack up my cameras and go traveling again. Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful is our planet.

  19. Beautiful sunrise photographs, do you always add new languages when you settle, what languages do you speak? Randall this post is truly lovely and I wish you much success and happiness in your move.

  20. Simply spectacular!!! I love your posts so much. Such incredible deep words with gorgeous photography. All the best and please post again soon. I’ve missed your posts.

  21. “How does one describe the fragrance of a sunrise?” The question is evocative enough! Have missed your sublime words and images Randall. Here’s wishing you much happiness wherever life takes you next. Happy New Year!

  22. Pingback: Musings of my Quantum World – Site Title

  23. “The beauty of silence” indeed. I recently watched an enlightening video be Simon Sinek on why the millennials nowadays have trouble with patience, self-esteem and being themselves. The insights he gave came to me when I’m reading this post of yours. Few people in the world appreciate silence, fewer still can build silence with you that you are comfortable with. Sometimes quietness can be violent, and I think that is only the case when you’re suffering from inner turmoil and refusing to face yourself. I think when you see beauty in silence is when you are truly at peace, grounded and grateful for yourself – happiness coming from and circulating from – yourself. I have had a few realisations on how unhealthy it is nowadays that people find happiness in things that are superficial to fill emptiness inside of them. Saddening stuff. Hence why I am so glad you have this meditation on beauty and what you see beauty in. Good for you. I am happy for you.

    • I’ve thought about these words of yours quite a bit. How the beauty of life is something we should not only see but feel, and to make this happen we have to embrace the silence of the world around us. It is then we can feel the beauty and truly enjoy it ~ as you lead to, to bask in the happiness that comes from within. Wishing you a wonderful summer Caren ~

  24. I know quite well this point of change. There comes a time when you have the feeling, that you have learned or even absorbed everything essential, you could learn in the country or region, you have gone to. Then a decision has to be made: stay and keep on going within the borders of a life you know, and which doesn’t seem to offer further personal development, or start a new one accepting all the losses which go along with leaving the old one. Ultimately, I found that real change and development lies in inner movement.

  25. The photos are breathtaking-mesmerizing-masterful Randall. 💛
    I was away in Scotland and missed your post. I hope your path continues to unfold and you still hear the voice of your heart.
    May 2017 be a year of passion, creativity and continued growth! xo

  26. Oohh Im imagining that this could be such a great and inspiring audio with slideshows of your pictures 😛 a “sound plus visual” person speaking 😛

    • Now you have my curiosity peaked 🙂 I too wonder what it is you could do as a “sound plus visual” person – taking the photos and creating something special with audio 🤔😎

      • haha i’m imagining if people could be in a small room with the wall-sized projectors showing your photos to enjoy the audio and slow music/ sound, the experience would be so real 🙂 Given that not many have come to places you’ve been to 🙂

      • Do it, Randall! Make video with your photos and read your journey in the video; no background music, though, only when you are not speaking in the video, in fact, it is often best to leave out the music — because everyone has such a wide variety of music they love and hate, it can detract from a video. Unless, of course, you take all of your photos from a certain group from your travels and make a video out of that and then music is good, hmmm… perhaps this song (which I haven’t heard of anyone not liking) may go with your photos (I have the song in MP4 if you like, I can send it to you via email).

  27. Randall these are all breath taking. I have walked up Mount Sinai in the dark to meet the early morning sun and in those days I was young and a little less appreciative of a sunrise. But up there, so high it truly did carry me away.
    What a stunning place I imagine you would be consumed by all that natural beauty. Life would feel euphoric I know because these images capture that pure joy of nature at its finest. Thank you for sharing them.

  28. “the fragrance of a sunrise”


    What a beautiful post – photographs and all! Delighted to once again immerse myself in your contemplations.
    Decisions have always been difficult for me, no matter their magnitude. But, I’ve learned that it pays to let go once the decision has been made. Hope you have a fulfilling year ahead. Happy 2017. 🙂

  29. Congrats on the next path of life’s adventures! Will miss your Asia posts but I’m sure you’ll create the most poetic posts from Eastern Europe too. Very inspiring and contemplative post.

  30. Absolutely beautiful. The photos are breathtaking and the writing is magnificent.

    According to at least one theory, every quantum possibility occurs, spinning off new alternate universes as they are actualized. If that is true, then both verdicts were reached. I find that notion sometimes comforting, and sometimes troubling.

    As for the verdict rendered in this universe (the one we’re inhabiting in this moment) may your journey be enriching and invigorating. I’m looking forward to seeing what you share.

  31. So many words already spoken on the Nature and beauty you capture in images and words. I will remind you, as it seems you might be at a juncture of crossing roads, words you wrote and the same words I quote on my own posts “Ideas are what keep us dancing.” Sincerely, Randall, see you at the rodeo. Raye

  32. Finally again such a beautiful article and these photos ……….. breathtakingly beautiful. The colors excellent and the long exposure is my favorite picture. Gorgeous and as always thank you for your wonderful insights through your eye. Have a nice time Randall.

  33. Thanks again Randall, your images sooth a heart that is feeling a little jaded by life’s jagged turns. It’s lovely to be taken on that journey with you.

  34. Thank you, Randall….and I am inspired by your evocative photographs and words….

  35. I am happy for you! For some strange reason, I always had a little niggly sense you might want to leave your current position, and that this would be a good thing for you. I know I mentioned something along these lines to you before. It’s not like I do this with people, trust me I don’t. If you are following your dreams and your desires, there is nothing better in the world, and this is why I am happy for you.
    I also missed you and was thinking just now, “Where’s Randall?”
    So I came over here and found out.

  36. I’ve missed you! Gorgeous. A perfect farewell to one chapter and the opening of a new. I’m happy for your new horizon and pray it awakens the beauty of new dreams with promising adventures under a wide open sky. Belated Happy New Year sweet friend, I hope its the best ever.

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