The Thin Gauze of Doubt and The Multiverse


The scene is one I can imagine centuries ago. A young man overlooking his homeland, within his reach a promise of a career to ensure him of a great life. A “normal life” both he and his family have dreamt about since he was a kid.

His dream at his fingertips, he does not move. He sits there perplexed at the struggle within his soul. A piece of him desires something very different, something unknown. He can taste the adrenalin of this uncertainty.


Two thoughts tangle, tearing him up. A decision has to be made. A divergence of his universe, in one he will stand up, walk back to the village and accept his career to settle into a normal life, while in the other he’ll look over his land one last time and accept adventure as his new destiny.

The divergence was instantaneous.


He sits motionless, wondering which spirit remains. The shadow of a setting sun shifts the appearance of his surroundings and over the horizon, a faint sound calls out catching his attention. He draws a breath and looks over his land.


“How did you end up doing what you’re doing?” her question snapped my head up from the photograph in front of me. “You had a freshly minted MBA, a simple plan of embracing the American Dream working with a Fortune 500 and somehow you fell into this crazy global existence.” She looked at me half-mockingly.

“The American Dream rejected me…and I panicked,” I laughed. “Once the seed of doubt entered my thinking, there was no looking back.”


I look back at the photo. Wonder what life would have been like if I’d hung around the States instead of taking a flyer of adventure in Asia?

Enjoying this contradiction, I review the photo and the stack of journals in front of me, searching to find a trace of a young man who disappeared so long ago.


She holds out a piece of paper, and reads from it:

“Invincibility.  The youthful feeling of blind confidence where anything imagined can be achieved.  Memories of flying down a mountain, one foot barely touching down on a boulder before confidently taking flight again, suspending life as the other foot searches and touches down lightly only to set off once more.  Freedom.  Repeat until exhausted.”  

“Zero fear,” she says after reading the passage. “All of his senses meshing perfectly with nature and in total confidence.  No thought of failure.  Bliss.”


“I can understand this feeling,” I add, “youthful invincibility is one of the best stages of life where everything seems possible…running through it all, never believing it will end.”

“Then one day, a faint touch of doubt enters the mind mid-stride and the peaceful invincibility begins to fade. Strained by the thinnest gauze of doubt, the confidence of the immortal mind of youth vanishes forever.  And life begins…”

She reads to me, handing me a yellowed piece of parchment as she finishes, dated a day before the young man disappeared.


“The stage of life where we all find ourselves lost at some point…” she says aloud while carefully turning a page of a journal.

“The time between the youthful invincibility of blind confidence where everything will work out as dreamed, and the age of reason where experience brings an understanding that it’s alright if it doesn’t…”


I smile at this thought. The Gauze of Doubt introduced itself to me when my version of the American Dream faded right out of school along with the myth of a normal life. My favorite quote, Doc Holliday from the movie Tombstone still rings clear, “there’s no such thing as a normal life, there’s just life…”


The photo and journals date back to the mid-1800’s, a young man with a lust for life imprinted on his character, a man who spun his own destiny. Words of wisdom in his thoughts, words that hold strength because they’re backed by his actions.

Experience matters. Friendship matters. Integrity matters. After his disappearance, his journals and stories focus on the lives he touched and his new surroundings.


Veering off the well-worn road to success, he chose the path of adventure. He traveled. He learned. He traveled some more.

He never forgot the moment the gauze of doubt covered his eyes, unexpectedly sending him hurtling into a divergent universe. A universe he created.

There is a sense of envy I have reading his words, my wish to experience and see the pieces of life he lived.


Three stages of life formed his writing, at each stage an opportunity to accede into a new reality:

  • The Invincibility of Youth, where dreams are created and the mind believes anything is possible.
  • The chaos of the Thin Gauze of Doubt, where adjusting to reality and creating a life becomes the new truth.
  • The wisdom of The Age of Reason, where a life pursued is a life well lived ~ experiences forming the answers.


“There is a bit of Thoreau in his philosophy, his writing reminds me of the quote “…not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves...[Henry David Thoreau, Walden]” she looks back at me while taking a sip of her coffee. “The thin gauze of doubt he talks about may dissolve the confidence of youth, but in doing so it ramps up the adrenaline of reality.”

“Almost two hundred years separate you two, but yes, you do have your great, great grandfather’s mind, half stuck in reality and half elsewhere,” her eyes giggle, meeting mine.

And doubt seizes the day. Will I ever find out what happened to him?


It is intriguing to look back in time, to dream of changing the unchangeable, but the past pales in anticipation of tomorrow’s opportunities.

I do not move. I sit there perplexed at the struggle within my soul. A piece of me desiring something very different, something unknown, and I can taste the adrenalin of this uncertainty.

The divergence was instantaneous…


Side Note: The Multiverse theory, of which there are many, is widely considered to be fact, with top physicists leading the way. Imagine, a conscious decision (taken or ignored) where you diverge from your universe and begin a new adventure.


Also, thanks to Timothy Price for insights into B&W photography, a new venture for me and it’s a brave new world…

307 Comments on “The Thin Gauze of Doubt and The Multiverse

  1. I love these. I looked at them a few days ago and keep coming back to them. I especially like the one of the four women (fifth from the end) with the woman in the forefront laughing – it looks such a joyous unselfconscious laugh. I want to share the joke. I also like the one below of the woman smoking.

    • Thank you Mary ~ this group of ladies has us in awe. Their laughter, smiles and fun they were having with their work and each other put us in a great mood as we started the morning. Nothing quite like the feeling of happiness 🙂

  2. “The time between the youthful invincibility of blind confidence where everything will work out as dreamed, and the age of reason where experience brings an understanding that it’s alright if it doesn’t…”

    I love the journal and quotes of HDTW, along with his wisdom.

    So loved this enlightening post Randall, as you took us through those dilemmas all of us at one time face.. Do we stick to the norm and stay within our comfort blanket, or do we dare stride out into the unknown and dare to Dream.

    Only by stepping out shall we explore, and like that great man who strode through uncharted terrain his words and thoughts live on all of these years later.

    I have loved each photograph Randall, and I am loving your own exploration of Black and White.. And think your images are wonderful as you have enhanced them slightly with colour to emphasise the sunlight. Remarkable and affective my friend..
    Loved each and every photo..
    Enjoy a wonderful new week of exploration.. 🙂 and thank you Sue 🙂

    • Thank you very much Sue ~ it is reassuring to feel that no matte which road taken, as long as we have a dream and understanding of the opportunities out there will be a great life to be lived. The ‘thin gauze of doubt’ is where reality grabs a hold of us and we must take responsibility of our lives…exciting times. Wishing you a great week ahead Sue, enjoy!

      • You too Randall and keep those Dreams alive, for it is our dreams that manifest our reality 😉

  3. Amazing photos, amazing reflections, amazing decision to follow your bliss — it is a testament to the wisdom of intuition.

  4. Loved your train of thought traveling the multiverse. And there was a sense of familiarity. Reminders of decisions and divergence…before arriving at the age of reason. Wonderful images throughout, my favorite is the last one where color blends into the black and white reality. Much like in life.

    • Thank you Tiny ~ the last image came from the Hallelujah Mnts (ZhangJiaJie) in China, a perfect place to wonder about reality, life and how we can make sense of it all 🙂 Cheers to your travels ~

  5. Such beautiful words and images as always Randall. I strongly believe that I have other selves living other lives in different times and places – but that in this world, I capture those possibilities through all the characters I create in my fiction.

    • I like the way you approach the idea of the multiverse, creative and sorting through the possibilities. Thank you Andrea.

  6. I often wonder about my other selves, taking different paths in difference universes, where did they split off, how many are there? Would be something to look forward to, meeting up with them in the next life… just something to muse about!

    • I too think it would be great to be able to see all the possibilities ~ and somehow it reassures me that as long as I make due with what I have in this one and try to follow a good path, I’m OK…it is quite relaxing to think this way 🙂 Thank you and enjoy the day.

    • Thank you ~ the gauze of doubt seemed a perfect phrase, and also so real when it makes an appearance in life. Cheers to a great day.

  7. Just home from the ‘woods’ where we get a breather from the internet… until recently even the cell phone didn’t get a signal. All in good time! I suspect you may have noticed that gradually moving southward to the cooling, soothing spot above the creek. Lots of work, but lots of love going into it, too. Wow! Don’t know what sent me down that rabbit hole… what I meant to say was that I really like your black and white work. Know that I don’t ordinarily care for B&W conversions! Your words took me straight back to places belonging so many decades back. So very evocative and sensitive. It’s a treat reading your story.

    • There is something so refreshing and stimulating about getting disconnected from the modern world and reconnecting to what matters ~ next week, I will be experiencing this myself as I travel for a few weeks. Thank you Gunta, and I think your take on B&W mirrors mine, in that I do not convert much ~ but there is an artistry to it I am enjoying working with these possibilities. It also seemed to fit the story well. Wish you well my friend!

  8. American dream is as good as any other dream 🙂 People have different starts, different pace and different aspirations. Young people from around the world take off to pursue their dream in faraway countries. Those who stay have their own dreams, and people in the faraway countries have their own dreams too, and some of them travel elsewhere.
    Your black and white photographs are stunning. Today I read about some photography contest, about striking, strong portraits, mostly ethnic, or those of the wrinkled old people, or beautiful children from exotic lands. The portraits were truly beautiful, no doubt masterpieces, but they made me think about ordinary people with ordinary features. Isn’t it a challenge to take a striking photograph of an ordinary person? Isn’t it a greatest challenge to stay in that poor land, and pursue one’s dream there, and may be do something that no one did before. I want to think that the young man will come back with a new knowledge and resources, and do something truly extraordinary. Until we have dreams, our game isn’t over yet 🙂
    Thank you for this so thought-provoking post!

    • Dream around the world are all special, for me it was the American Dream that surrounded me. The great thing is every path/dream is a great path, no matter how different ~ there is the one constant: happiness. So much out there, so many opportunities to revel in life. One constant for me in my travels, has been witnessing such true happiness/success in some of the poorest areas of the world…wisdom and experience is the true wealth in life.

      Dreams keep everything a possibility ~ and hard work and dedication to oneself being the key ingredient to figuring out what life can offer. Thank you Inese, and your thoughts you bring up about portrait photography are true ~ never thought about it too much, but a photogenic face is quite easy to shoot. Wishing you a great autumn.

      • Yes, I so agree with you – dream is a hope for happiness. You have found your happiness in travels, and it took a lot of courage. For some of your countrymen, it takes a lot of courage to free themselves of their circumstances, get a job, education, and have a family they dreamed of. Different dreams, but who can measure happiness? 🙂 Who can measure courage? It is why you are so happy witnessing successful outcomes for the poorest people in the world. Their dreams might be ordinary, but courage and happiness are all the same – great :).
        Your post and that gallery of photographic portraits I found in Facebook gave me some serious food for thoughts 🙂

      • You say it very well Inese, “dream is a hope for happiness” and the courage to pursue it so commendable. Thank you very much!

  9. I’ve always considered an integral truth of the multi-verse- that which exists a fraction beneath perceptible comprehension of the masses. Exquisite textures obscured by shadows of assumption, hearsay, propaganda,religious/political bias and plain old self absorbed indifference.No greater honesty exists than that of a camera lens capable of illuminating those shadows.

    Imagine our world if more people cut shackles of the American dream.

    Know that I come away from your posts a better person, melodic aria of the multiverse ringing in my ears.

    • Thank you Ponder, must say the idea of a melodic aria of the universe filling the airwaves is one of the most beautiful descriptions I’ve ever heard… I’ve always been intrigued by perception. I also must say your idea of “integral truth of the multi-verse- that which exists a fraction beneath perceptible comprehension of the masses.” meshes well with mine. Our mind/brain manipulates reality to something we can understand and relate to, so in essence we really have no idea what true reality is…at least until we evolve further 🙂 Cheers to a great day ~

      • I was caught up in ponderous reflection of the multiverse, forgot to mention your black and white photographs – luminous statements steeped in the inexplicable patina of reality.Made me pause 🙂

      • Thank you – while color photographs I find most compelling, there are stories within B&W that color cannot touch. Much like reality I suppose ~ I like the way you think 🙂

  10. I love this post…and it parallels my life in so many ways. My son is here right now and he is leaving to start a whole new adventure. Growing up, he is experiencing ‘The Thin Gauze of Doubt’ and while I watch his struggle and worry (a little) I know what a special time this is and how POSSIBLE life is! Thanks for the truth you pack into to your photos (like the B&W…and the jump into something new) and words!! Blessitude! ❤

    • You are so right in understanding this is a special time for your son. Setting out on his adventures… the doubt comes from the necessary fear in taking responsibility of your own life, a powerful challenge. And as you say this is how one understands the incredible possibilities in life. I think I caused my parents many sleepless nights, but they also vicariously enjoyed the adventures too! Having them behind me made it easy to risk a bit more, as I new I had them to cushion any fall I may have. Very cool Lorrie, wish you all well!

      • Thank you so much for this perspective, you have given me a feeling of peace about it. And when I thought about the grief I must have caused my parents…ah! Blessings to you.

  11. Once again I stare at the cursor not knowing where to begin or what to say. Let me begin by saying perhaps, that your B&W photography is stunning, intriguing, mystical, magical. Blown away by all I do see here. Each image I stared at just soaking it all in. Goosebumps. That portrait of that young boy with his fingers in his mouth OH tugged at my Heart!! Gorgeous capture needing no words to tell the tale. Your words are so powerful, deep, insightful, and yes understood. I remember those days when I thought myself invincible and the world was mine to discover. OH I remember! Then the restlessness, life no longer fitting, and then the Life Turning Event that canceled all of my previous Life only to create the one I have now. How can I express to you the magnitude in which you touch my soul? I cannot. Please just know your posts are life altering for me, each and every one, and it seems with each one I do read, you yourself are going deeper Within. Bless you, dear friend! Keep on shining and writing. Your images move me to tears at times leaving me absolutely breathless. You are a Great in my eyes. Humbled I am to know you. ❤

    • Thank you very much, Amy ~ humbling words for me to read, and also exciting to read how you’ve evolved with life as it carries us to new challenges and adventures. There is a great connectedness running through life and being able to recognize and act on this is one of the keys to success you seem to have found in moving forward. Wishing you a great October ~

  12. Dear Randall, I do not know what I find beautiful, the pictures or words ………… the images are powerful and the words are powerful. There is a magic in this article, which requires no further words from me. Great Randall, simply great, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There is something about how we live our lives; so focused and amazing with the things around us and then every now and then we step back and take a look at the big picture and all the possibilities. A little bit of reality mix with a little bit of imagination and adventure makes for an interesting life 🙂 Thank you very much Limenaria ~ wishing great days ahead.

  13. What wisdom of life you convey in this post, Randall. Beautifully written and definitely food for thought. I love the expression the thin gauze of doubt, it’s such a lovely metaphor. We all pass through that stage. We all have big dreams in our younger days, but somehow and at some stage, our dreams adjust to reality or to our own and better understanding of the world and the way we want to live. Really a beautiful post. And of course the photos are exquisite—as always.

    • Very much enjoyed writing this one, thank you, Otto. It is exciting to see how life evolves along the way, from dreams into reality. Figuring out both ourselves and how the world works ~ and it is a process that never ends, if anything becomes more fascinating as we move forward. Doubt being a gift, as it makes us search for the answers…pursue life. Hope you have a nice weekend ahead.

  14. When I tell people I haven’t got time to waste they laugh at me,
    “how old are you?” They ask,
    Age is just a number I want to live it my way at my pace before the veil of doubt and reality catches up with me.

    • Beautiful, thought provoking and love the photography as always with a new dimension in black and white, always keep changing it up Randall 🙋🏼

    • A perfect attitude to take Charlotte 🙂 Take and do all you can now because you never quite know what the future may have in store ~ and if you move fast enough, doubt and reality may always remain just a little bit behind you. Cheers to your great spirit 🙂

  15. Just reading through your post opens the mind to so much…..very thought provoking…love it…thanks for sharing!

  16. Like how the photos transition with the story and how the black and white turns to colors. There’s something about that last photo. Really like it when they are one tone and color breaks through. Your work is awe inspiring.

    • Thank you, putting this post together, it was fun to see how the photos and story blended together 🙂 Very much appreciate your comment.

  17. A hauntingly beautiful post, Randall. Can’t quite get over those visuals, especially the first. What we could be, what we think we could be, and and what we eventually do become; is one of the strangest mysteries of life. The multiverse theory is quite fascinating, especially for those with a vivid imagination. The possibility of more than a single universe, given the vast expanse of the universe we claim to know, is something very hard to grasp. Being a realist, I’d often felt it was something cooked up by overzealous physicists. I’m learning to give-in to escapism and the possibility of multiple realities/outcomes is alluring. 🙂

    • Thank you very much – the three questions you ask truly is one of the strangest mysteries of life, and something I think we cannot help but wonder. No matter how we root ourselves in reality, the itch of wondering what’s beyond will continue to peak our curiosity 🙂 The language of mathematics is fascinating, from the quantum world to the vast multiverse; and over time answers to some of the greatest riddles will be discovered… until then, I’ve my imagination 🙂 Cheers to a great day!

  18. Beautiful reflection and truly amazing images ❤ Sometimes we just have to move forward and leave our comfort zone…

      • 😀 hahaha, indeed – to face harsh winter for half year! Maybe that’s not the best sample of out of the comfort zone 😀 😀

      • ❄️☃️🌨 and 🌞✨☀️ ~ nice to experience them both… 🙂

    • Thank you Joshi ~ the best photos I enjoy shooting are those where the eyes seem to have something to say 🙂

  19. I am struggling to comment because I have so much to say: but as always, beautiful prose matched only with the beauty of your photos. All reflections of what you see and what you feel… First of all: Coco Chanel once said her love of black and white comes from how “absolute” the colours are – ‘I say black has it all. And so does white. Their beauty is absolute” which is what I think is very true to great black and white photography. Absolute in all its emotions, starkness, softness, light and dark – all in one picture. stripped and yet whole at the same time. So beautiful. But let’s not forget your prose, such awareness and such eloquence on what is and isn’t – and how imagination and longing works on the human mind. ‘What a beautiful tragedy, to feel so deeply’ – I might be paraphrasing that but that quote just came to mind. I will be coming back to read this post – rest assured.
    SIDE NOTE: if you haven’t already – Please Please Please go to the photography exhibition at Asia Society that’s showing very soon. It shows Brian Brake and Steve McCurry’s work. I went as a lover of art and admirer of the greats but I’m sure as a photographer yourself you will find the experience enriching. I highly recommend it 🙂

    • I love the description Coco Chanel has for B&W photography, it is true “absolute in all its emotions…” A good B&W photo lets the reader figure things out, brings out emotion. Tonal, contrast and what I like are pure whites – a challenge, but fun, to compose. Thank you Carren, and I hope to check out the photography exhibition at the Asia Society, I’m off to China this morning for a couple weeks so hope to do so when I’m back – those photographer’s work I do admire greatly 🙂 Wish you a great weekend ~

  20. Love the b/w pics, Randall. They present more sensual feelings to the past, especially the stencil one at top. Then, you blast us with such beautiful colours… Love it! 👍 😀

  21. So much longing between the lines. I hope you find some answers. I remember the fearlessness of youth. I don’t remember when the doubt started creeping in, it must have been sly and insidious. Still waiting for the wisdom which follows… might be a long wait! 😁

    • Nothing quite like the fearlessness of youth, matching perhaps the fearlessness of entering a New Year. Wishing you the best Ali in ’17, and cheers to your continued success.

  22. Love this post! The ideas, the mystery and the beautiful images. The idea of a multiverse is something I often think about – my own life has had several such instances of divergence. But there, I think that’s true of everybody. The possibilities truly are endless.

    • Thank you Helen, the idea of endless possibilities is very relaxing for me…makes life more interesting somehow. I hope 2017 brings to you successes and wonderful divergences. Cheers!

      • Thank you! Wishing you a bright and joyous 2017, filled with possibilities. I guess that’s the great thing about the first day of the year – it seems as though anything can be possible 🙂 Hope it’s a good one for you.

  23. Always fantastic post, stories and photos are amazing. I enjoyed very much. Unbelievable work Randy. Wish you have a great Sunday!

    • Thank you very much ~ wishing you a very glorious and successful 2017, as you continue to charm us with your photos 🙂

      • Randy, glad to see you again. Welcome back dear friend. Wishing you Happy New Year 2017. God bless you always 🙂

  24. A wise and witty man, Doc Holliday. I hope your great great grandfather’s Age of Reason will help clear the chaotic clouds of doubt.

    • Nothing like the chaotic cloud of doubt to feel more alive and chase another adventure 🙂 Wishing you continue your adventures in ’17 as well. Cheers to what’s down the road.

    • Thank you Sreejith ~ there is something about the mood of B&W that can make it a perfect medium to express a feeling.

  25. I think you carry a few dreams in your fingertips and shades of Thoreau in YOUR photographs. I love everything about this post. More than beautiful, no less than perfect! It’s magical…always~ like you, taking me to Neverland every time you write 🙂

    —– Timothy Price is one of my favorite bloggers on WP… he gave me my very first “like” and comment when I was a shy, baby blogger and always encourages my pin hole photographs and my developing techniques …ahem…. yes I make homemade pinhole cameras from Oatmeal containers and I’m not ashamed to admit it 😉

    • Dreams in my fingertips and shades of Thoreau in my photographs…this is a perfect way for me to begin 2017, thank you W.
      Something to aspire to in this coming year 🙂 And I need to try a homemade pinhole camera one of these days. Wish you many adventures in the months ahead. Take care ~

  26. So real and so beautiful! I enjoyed so much your next amazing virtual tour, thank you Randall! Bye. Kamila

  27. You chose art, adventure, and oxygen over a life ruled by the clock in static buildings. You should compile these posts into a book.

    • Sometimes I wonder if a life ruled by the clock wouldn’t be simplier 🙂 Cheers to a great year ahead D., thank you.

  28. “Agere Sequitur Credere” – we act according to what we believe ourselves to be. Believe that you are something greater than the participant in a ‘normal life’ that American society expects you to be, and you will act. In my quieter hours, I too often hear Doc’s quote about a normal life. Yet, looking out my window at the azure blue of the Adriatic while I write, I hear Johnny Ringo saying in Latin, “Age quod agis” – keep doing what you’re doing. Great post Randall. 🙂

    • The concept you describe here “Agere Sequitur Credere” – is quite beautiful. The untapped potential of the human mind. Inspiring. A good way to start the New Year, and yes let’s keep doing what we’re doing. Cheers to you and Tricia.

  29. Randall Its just life! And oh how your images make it real and unique to every human being. I do recall that feeling of youth when I expected only good things to happen, I lost it long ago after loss and reality sunk in. But I have faith that life is generally good to me and I am happy that looking at your pictures gives me a reality check. Life is one big beautiful roller coaster ride.

    • There is something special about the youthful optimism we had, in a way it gave us insight to how wonderful and good life can be. In a way, it has made me even more optimistic as an adult knowing that out there are highs yet experienced 🙂 Wishing you and your family a great 2017 ~ take care.

  30. Read the post more than one time…. and I keep smiling, as I very well know you are the one incapable of being conquered… if not by the bauty of nature, and the most rare one: the beauty of the human soul. So yes, YOU ARE THE ONE invincible… no matter what.

    • Incapable of being conquered…I really like this idea, and perhaps that is the key to life. A supreme inner confidence that in the end, life is to be uncovered, discovered and lived with a passion unmatched. I like the way you think 🙂 Cheers to a glorious 2017 Luana, take it slow and keep it simple.

  31. Again an amazing insightful post with such beautiful photos to match! Great writing, very jealous you have both talents 😉
    All the best, Ron

    • Ha, ha ~ it seems both writing and photography can refresh my soul, and it is made even better when another enjoys what I’ve done. It seems you are off to a wonderful 2017 after your amazing travels and stories…the captures you have are a great inspiration. Best to you moving forward Ron. Cheers!

  32. Dear Dalo,

    I have opened this post at lest six times and read it thrice, simply because, I felt you wanted to convey something to me …

    As you already have an idea about the transitions I went through in my life and career so far and the stressful phases, I am not repeating…

    I am truly experiencing the second phase of my life with all the chaos created by the ‘Thin Gauze of Doubt’…

    But, what really helps me is, I am not yet done with the first phase, and there is a power struggle happening in my mind..

    I am trying to go back in time, to rediscover that ‘free spirit’ of youth… Not sure whether it’s possible, but can’t give up without a fight 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this great post and thoroughly enjoyed reading it over and over 🙂

    Images…. stunning as always 🙂

    Portraits in monochrome looks incredible and more expressive I feel …

    Have a beautiful weekend, if you are in US, or have a great week ahead, if you are in HK 🙂

    • Sreejith, I’ve read this comment of yours several times. We do share the chaos of this second phase of life, but as your ‘namesake’ shows it is the moments and struggles of this time that will bring us the greatest satisfaction in time. I’m in the States for the holidays, but now working for my Chinese company in the Czech Republic of all places…the wild ride of life still continues. Look forward to see what 2017 has in store for you ~ as I’ve said to you earlier, it should be a great year!

    • There is something special about Vietnam, and I can guarantee you I’ll be visiting Hanoi at some point this year. The company I work with actually has a small processing factory outside of the city, and as I am helping them with a transition factory in Czech Republic – the other day they asked my interest in visiting Hanoi 🙂 I could not be happier. Wish you a great 2017!

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