The Abyss and a New Year Renaissance

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-1

The long and winding road of this past year has finally reached its end. I feel broken. Exhausted. Started the year as a kid, climbing mountains ready to attack the world, and now I’m an old goat with barely the energy to take another step.

Standing here on the precipice of the Lunar New Year, staring across the dark chasm leading into the Year of the Monkey, my heart is filled part with relief – part with dread.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-2

How can I cross it, I wonder? I’ve arrived with the waning crescent moon on the doorstep of the Lunar New Year. My skin etched in wrinkles deeper than in years past, looking the worse for wear.

Tonight I meet the Queen of the Night ~ another of Mother Nature’s incredible daughters, and I have nothing left to give.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-3

She is one of the sacred mountains of Buddhism, resting in southeast Myanmar.

A serene and peaceful lady ~ she carries a pulse of life coursing through her veins like I’ve seldom witnessed.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-4

“A pulse of life…seldom witnessed” a perfect way to bring in the year, and my thoughts drift back to my girl Ellinor in the Skokomish Wilderness; guilt pounds in my heart as this year I stand enchanted with her distant cousin here in Southeast Asia.

A glimmer captures my attention. Her eyes, those dark, deep pools of mystery, draw me closer while her name leaves my tongue in knots… Mt. Kyaiktiyo, it is an honor.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-5

I pause at the entrance of her summit and wonder, “Where is the quiet solitude I expected?” and I collapse on the nearest boulder thinking “…just what have I gotten myself into?”

My last breath of the Year of the Goat is a sigh. I look around at the controlled chaos. Ms. Kyai is treating me to a scene I can barely comprehend.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-6

Every bump and bruise I’ve experienced over this past year begin to throb, and I turn to watch others arrive. Farmers bent over and exhausted from the past year, they too struggle to the summit arriving in the waiting arms of Kyai, surrendering to the year.

I close my eyes and wish I could sleep, to forever rest these aching bones. A cool hand assures me I am not alone, and Kyai begins pressing on my weary body amplifying my pain, checking to see if I am still alive.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-7

I look into her eyes and see a smirk. With kindness, she caresses my spirit, washes her hands over me as she mutters softly “those beautiful wrinkles of life…”.

She winks at me, “create some more…” understanding the aches and wrinkles of a year well lived is a badge of honor, and she rushes off to another.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-8

My broken body experiences a sense of enlightenment watching her float away, her perfume leaves a scent of desire drifting through the night air.

My eyes land on a couple of poor workers I met a few days earlier in the hills of Northern Myanmar, but it is impossible…how could they have travelled here?!?

I watch them pass by, their soundless smiles interrupted by the unmistakable whisper of Kyai, who turns their silence into poetry, “Even when you have very little, you can still have so much…”

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-9

My romanticized ideal of Mt. Kyaiktiyo as an isolated, mystical Buddhist mountain wrapped in silence and fog has been twisted into a raucous Buddhist pilgrimage. Surrounding me, an aura of electricity powerful enough to ignite any soul.

This is why we set out on adventures…

Already, I see the deep wrinkles of my skin fade. My stooped body is straightening. My stagnate blood beginning to flow freely once again.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-20

My eyes faded to the point of blindness are now refocusing on the wild dreams of young ones and the belief I can do it all.

This is the way it should be. Finishing a year in pain, broken down and dying…only to notice a young soul on the other side of the abyss coercing me from the darkness to deliver me into another yearlong journey.

I look at the spirit and youth in envy. It fills me with pride.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-10

I hear conversations around me. I taste the excitement that fills the night.

Kyai softly whispers to me, “the Year of the Fire Monkey has arrived…make it yours,” her words adding to the ecstasy of the past year and her kiss, a balm for my weary mind.

Her deep eyes are now filled with flames, and I am engulfed. The transformation has begun.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-11

The heat. The evening chill has vanished and I enter into the deeper parts of the night. Hope sheds away the skin and pain of the past year.

The flame flickers along with the ticklish words of Kyai, and together they cloak me up in the festive spirit of the final night. Within her eyes, I see what I came here for – a reflection of a young man, born again.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-13

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-14

The glow of happiness is evident in the smiles of strangers, all who feel like family.

Seeing the New Year through young eyes, a sensation so rare it makes me question if it is even possible.

A curiosity feeds my soul to pursue life again, with new mistakes lying ahead ready to teach and guide me along the way.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-15

A faint trail of words brush over my neck singing, “Smile, adapt and move forward with courage… three simple thoughts and the Year of the Monkey is yours.” Kyai coos, sending a ripple of new blood flowing throughout my body.

Smile, adapt and move forward with courage. I can do that.

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-16

Stretching my young body off the rock I am resting, I walk past a couple in silence, their unspoken words ring loud. Tonight is where possibilities transform into reality. Another chance at renewal and happiness in life; in the words of Benjamin Button:

“We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”  – Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-17

Throughout the year, Christmas, the Lunar New Year, Diwali, Ramadan and other celebrations give us all the opportunity to renew and free the spirit from the broken down old thoughts of the past ~ the contradictions, biases and jealousies of old, angry men.

We are allowed to return to our purer form, the mind of a child ~ refreshed with the freedoms to pursue happiness and “… the courage to start all over again.” 

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-19

I think back to just a few short hours ago, the feeling of a wrinkled, broken down soul fully spent in the Year of the Goat, now renewed and back into a form I can recognize once again.

The renaissance of a soul and the words of Dr. Seuss prepare me for another twelve-month journey to explore, signalling the end of a brilliant year with the promise of a perfect day.

“You’re off to Great Places!  Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!”

– Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-21

Wish you great health and luck in the Year of the Monkey ~ 预祝猴年大吉!

Mt. Kyaiktiyo Myanmar Burma New Year-22

314 Comments on “The Abyss and a New Year Renaissance

  1. Excellent gallery …. the photographs are truly mind – blowing, dear Dallo… Congrats… love and best wishes. Aquileana ☀️‼️ ~

    • Thank you, this was a very fun and exhilarating time on Kyaiktiyo – wishing you the best in the New Year Aquileana.

  2. The juxtapostion of the old with the young, the old with the new, and through it all the rock, Kyaiktiyo— this post is a beautiful prayer to life. Great health and luck to you, too, in this year of the monkey, Randall.

    • “A beautiful prayer to life…” This may be one of the best comments/quotes I’ve seen, thank you and as you are aware – Myanmar does have this gift to bring something special in a day. Thank you, Jill. Cheers to a great year ahead.

  3. Stunning images and a wonderful post to celebrate the New Year of the Monkey.
    Thanks for sharing all this brilliant colour and wonderful dress. They have such happy smiles and enjoy the simplest of pleasures. Perhaps we Westerners should take a leaf out of their book.

    • It is seeing these people truly enjoy the simplest (and best) pleasures that life offers which made the trip so worthwhile. It seems to be a universal trait among the poorer nations that I have visited, and it is very uplifting…yes, it sure would be great for the people of our more developed country to take to heart. Cheers to a great weekend ahead Vicki.

    • Thank you ~ and it seems you’ve had some great memories made with your adventures over the lunar holiday. Cheers to a great year ahead.

  4. Another exceptional piece, Randall. The beginning of yet another whirl around the sun always seems to be a blend of anxiety and optimism, and this next cycle is certainly no exception. Myanmar is definitely going to be a country to watch over the next year. Here’s hoping its tourism industry is able to develop sustainably and without dramatic disruption. Thank you for such a vivid glimpse through the window of your camera’s lens into this fascinating region! Happy new year! 🙂

    • Thank you, Shawn. I think I’m ready for this whirl around the sun more than any others – and hopefully will be back in Myanmar as well. Wishing you and Tricia the best as you both enjoy your time in Malta ~ hope to one day catch up somewhere on this small planet we call home.

  5. Such a wondeful post, very few words left to express the delight at the beautiful way, word and image, in which you depicted yet another threshold. From within, you seem to have illustrated the exact intricate manner we undergo our rites of passage. Every new year, every day, every step of the way. Pain, sadness, aching bones, deep wrinkles, even abysmal misery… unavoidable stepping stones on our onward way, making us weak and strong at the very same time. Sometimes we do experience that, I could completely relate to your thoughts. “Started the year as a kid, climbing mountains ready to attack the world, and now …” Reading, re-reading, it somehow infused me with a shred of strength to maybe “shed away the skin and pain of the past year.” Hopefully.Thank you. And may the new year bring you all the best.

    • Thank you very much, Nicole. I like the way you look at the idea of how we all must undergo a ‘rites of passage’ and I think it is a perfect explanation of how we need to approach life. We will be weakened along the journey, but by continuing to move forward we gain strength ~ a cycle that will continue, and reward those who have the courage to keep it moving forward. You’ve written such an insightful comment – it sounds as if this year will be a great one for you as well. Take care ~

  6. What an exceptional post Randall! Besides the pure delight of pictures of amazingly superb quality, you have shared the paradoxes of life. Your words flow in equal equanimity to reveal various emotions…celebrations and renewal of hopes move hand in hand! I have to come back to look at the wonder of pics again. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed.

    • There is always something a bit magical after ending a journey, especially when able to understand the challenges along the way ~ a great sense of renewal as you mention. Thank you for your words Balroop, and wishing you a great year of success ahead.

    • Me too, the photos of the older people and their movements/expressions made an impact on me. Wish you a great weekend ahead.

  7. You are a wonderful, perennial traveller, in every sense. Myanmar is your special place – you return there incessantly… I can clearly understand why. The blonde short hair lady: let me guess 🙂 your sister?
    Fu dao to the one whom I consider clever, intelligent and mischievous as a Monkey 🙂

    • There is something about travel that comforts me, and it is finding the commonality among us all (once all the culture, biases and stresses of life are swept away). Yes, the short haired blonde lady is my sister Sandi ~ Wish you great fortune and luck in the year ahead Lu 🙂

  8. Another beautiful post, Randall. What a great talent you have for capturing the essence of things – in words and photos. 🙂

  9. Amazing story, I enjoy. You’re really awfully good. Doing what in your eyes for the photos and soul on those photos, unbelievably good!
    The story comes from himself as a spirit, words in mind.
    I really enjoyed your story with which all photos as a pile represented value. Good job Randy! Happy Chinese New Year, a calendar year of monkey, the year of the smart but much intrigue. Regards.

    • This is a very special comment DellaAnna ~ thank you very much. Capturing the spirit of Kyaiktiyo amid the darkness of the night I expected to be difficult, and my energy was solely on enjoying the people and moments. When reviewing my photos, the story of the whole night once again began – it was such a great time. I agree, it will be an intriguing year and wishing you the best.

  10. A new year is a turning of a page. It’s a chance to start over again – or build further on what is already there. Of course, every day brings that promise, but we human beings often need to have special occasions to let ourselves been see in retrospect and bring forth those new hopes. You post describes this so beautiful – and the human fragility. Smile, adapt and move forward with courage. What better words for entering the Year of the Monkey. And what stunning photos you have captured in Myanmar. Who cannot love Mt. Kyaiktiyo!

    • There is always something brilliant about being able to start over again ~ take what was learned from the past, take the dreams of the present and forge forward into the future ~ what’s not to like. Isn’t it the hope of the day that gets us out of bed (especially for the photographer at sunrise!)…and yes, Otto, I am in full agreement with Mt. Kyaiktiyo – what a sight to see. Thank you and wish you a great journey in the Year of the Monkey.

  11. Randall Stunning tribute to farewell the old and celebrate the new year, another chance to be all we can be. See, feel and experience each moment in a new found awareness. My son is under the monkey sign and I hope it is a good year ahead for a child often struggling in the main stream due to his differences.

    • Thank you, Kath. A new year does always bring to mind the chance to “be all we can be” which is why I think we all like it so much (well, at least until February rolls around and little has been accomplished!). It is a great year to embrace the unique nature in us all, so it looks to be an incredible one for your son – and I hope it is off to a good start. A year of great discoveries.

  12. and as i read this thread…i say similar…you the goat…“the Year of the Fire Monkey has arrived…make it yours,”…i believe you do this Randall…re-reading your post with smiles to the images and your thoughtful reflections…always appreciate your posts! smiles, many ~ hedy

    • Those are such perfect words to hear Hedy ~ music to my ears. As with everything, when we ‘make it ours’ there is a greater sense of both responsibility and excitement with life. Wishing you a great spring time ahead, thank you.

  13. Beautiful message and images! Human perception of young and old is so imperfect 🙂 Happy New Year of the Monkey! Hope you see Mt. Ellinor soon.
    Best wishes!

    • Thank you very much, Inese ~ I think it is the imperfections that we see and experience throughout the year is what makes us think the next one is going to be the one. Keeping our thoughts young and our minds clear, it always has the chance to be ~ Wishing you well.

      • Absolutely agree with you. Our spirits were never supposed to age. Thank you for this uplifting message and the reply. Wishing you all the best!

  14. Hi Randall, thank you for taking me to such a wonderful place, the images are breathtaking…My eyes feast on the colors, and I swear I can smell the scents mixing in the air. There is something so innocent and endearing and true in the faces of those people, we should all be like that, humble and giving (smiles)…
    Oh dear, I think Ellinor knows you by now, and she will deal with it, as she always does. 😀 She knows unselfish and unconditional love, I am sure, she doesn’t want to possess you or own you, her love is pure and even our hearts are big enough to love many.
    I love the colors in the first photo, it looks like the stone is made of gold, and wow the sun peeking from behind the “stone spire” in the fourth photo, and the sun rays thick as golden ropes stretching into the distance, they look almost solid. Forgive my ignorance, but what is that structure? It looks like the stone grew around the spire. Can you go inside? Either way it looks magical. Gia xx

    • Hi Gia, you would have loved Mt. Kyaiktiyo ~ it seemed there was something new around every corner, with such exotic smells and sounds surrounding you. Traveling in this part of the world makes me realize how little wealth and material items matter (except for perhaps a nice camera…), and I always end up feeling pretty good about life (and the great people who live it). The stone is covered with gold leaf, and is said to be hanging onto the side of the mountain by a single thread of the Buddha’s hair. The spire is something they stuck on the rock… A very magical place, and should be a magical year ahead Gia, I hope all is going well.

      • Yes, for sure! Hopefully one day I might get to see it for real, for now I will keep coming back to your photographs, and enjoy the feast for ones senses that absolutely comes through your images.
        I find that amazing and so fascinating the way those wise local people look at life, we in the west are just programmed to different values, unfortunately.
        That is so interesting about the stone thanks for explaining it.
        Thank you Randall! Let the magic continue for you too!
        For the past couple of months I have been immersed in a different kind of creative project and I feel totally blessed that I am allowed to do all this. It is a true gift from God/Universe and I am so grateful.
        Right, I am going to check what you’ve been up to next. Take care. Gia x

      • PS: I always wanted to ask…How do you take photos of strangers? Do you ask them first? (but you might loose the moment) And how they respond? Do you tip them? Sometimes I see people I would love to snap, but feel like intruding…Would they tell me off? Lol My little boy is totally uninhibited though, he just comes to whoever and snaps…I find many strange pictures of people I don’t recognize on my phone-A lady choosing a butter in a supermarket (20 different versions), a middle aged man sipping his coffee, even peoples behinds lol (He is at the bums and poop fascination age) Others stare right into the camera with a surprised expression. I am a little envious that he can get away with it! If you have any tips how to do this without offending anybody or getting in trouble I would appreciate it. Gia x

  15. Always impressed by your photography and poetical words. Your post is mind blowing! Wishing you a wonderful journey of the Monkey Year 🙂

    • Wish you the same Indah, especially as you test out your new surroundings and the many adventures sure to come your way.

  16. Wow, what an exquisite post! Love your personification of Kyai, and quote from Dr. Seuss. And I agree … to arrive at the end of the year “in pain, broken down and dying” may not feel good but it means that you’ve lived and experienced that year. Cheers to your renewal and all your adventures ahead!

    • Absolutely agree. I think if every year I can feel the same, broken down and dying, it is a great tribute a year and time well spent ~ and it can also create some nice anticipation for the year ahead. Thank you and wish you the greatest of adventures in this year as well, cheers to the time ahead of us.

  17. Stunning images, both with pictures and words. I understand the exhaustion, the hesitation, the fear… And the excitement, the courage, the hope… I too would love to visit Myanmar someday… I wish you the best in this Year of the Monkey!!

    • Thank you very much, Jessica. There is always something a bit exciting about the beginning of a year ~ the new dreams and, of course, the hesitation and fear of wondering if the courage will be there to follow through with the dreams for the whole year. Makes the exhaustion at the end of the year worth it. You’d love Myanmar, peaceful people and beautiful scenes keeps the mind spinning and dreaming. Wish you a great Year of the Monkey.

  18. Hi Randall – Happy New Year! “Those beautiful wrinkles of life…create some more.” I like that! And the new mistakes just waiting to tech us more – another nice twist to the complaints of weary souls. Pilgrimages are never what we expect – and who’d want that anyway? Here’s to a startling year – with enough quiet to enable you to digest it all! (Spectacularly warm and bright photos!)

    • Thank you, Lynn ~ I do like going into any new year with the idea that mistakes are inevitable, so why not learn something from them 🙂 This type of thinking is also gets me to take a few more risks which usually end up being fun (or results in a good story). Wishing you a glorious year of discovery and a great spring ahead. Cheers ~

    • Thank you, Christy. There is nothing quite like a transformation from old to new ~ wish you a great weekend.

  19. Wonderful pictures! What a gift it is to be able to capture the very moment in the frame that exudes a lot of emotions, some of which contrast each other, some of which enhance each other. Your marvelous post reminded me of something I wrote in one of my blog posts: “By giving up a dimension of time, photos can have a sense of timelessness.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts in words and photos!

    • Thank you very much, Kaitlyn. I do remember your quote earlier, and it does fit very nicely here ~ thank you for letting me borrow it 🙂 There was this thread of timelessness woven throughout the whole night: the past, present, future all coming together within this great group of people and activities on Mt. Kyaiktiyo. Wishing you a great start into spring ~ take care.

  20. A pleasure as always Randal, beautiful photography and wonderful writing. What could be better? 🙂

    • Thank you, Adrian ~ always nice when word and photo can blend in together. Wish you a great weekend ahead.

  21. You don’t fail to amaze with that camera of yours, R. You know more about the Asian new year than I do. The photo of the women with the stacks of wood on their back moves me, for some reason. I wonder what their story is. Beautiful post.

    • It is always nice to try to amaze the Wayfarer ~ one of the best moments I have when traveling to such areas is finding out the backstory of the some of the people who intrigue me along the way. And it never fails when I look through my photos, I find so many more that leave me wondering “what is their story?” Wish you well D., and thank you very much.

      • You are always welcome to try and amaze me, although it’s a pretty dull enterprise bc you succeed each time. LOVE how you search out the backstory, which offers you fresh perspective on your photos. Now ThErE’s an artist.

      • Strange, to be called an artist. I never thought of myself as one when I was younger, but now I see artists everywhere (e.g., a surgeon, plumber, housewife, etc…), all creating a form of magic in their given field. Everyone should strive to become the best artist they can be 🙂

  22. You know Randall, that I love and admire your photography. But the tales you weave around them, ah my friend, that is genius. You will never be old so long as you have your lens and your pen to keep you (and us) company. Happy Lunar New Year Randall, and many blessings to your and yours.

    • You’ve started this year out for me on a very positive note ~ a wonderfully worded comment. I do like the idea of never growing old as long as I have my lens and pen to keep me company, searching out the tales and adventures in life. 🙂 I look forward to what the New Year will bring to you too Tina, and wish you all the best.

      • So well, I decided that my project for Indian Religion and Ecology will be over Hanuman, the Monkey God devoted to Lord Rama in the Ramayana. 🙂 Hope it is being crazy awesome for you as well.

      • Wow, now that is impressively ambitious ~ or you are just a glutton for punishment 🙂

  23. As always a sumptuous pairing of images and prose Randall! You surpass yourself with every single post. This gallery not only evokes the atmosphere at Kyaiktiyo, it also captures the innate joy and spirituality of these lovely people. Cutting out the Golden Rock was sadly the price we had to pay for our long cruise. Here’s wishing the Year of the Monkey is good to you too.

    • It was something special to see everyone come alive so late in the night on Kyaiktiyo, and as you say there is nothing quite like their innate joy and spirituality to add to the atmosphere. There is so much to see/do in Myanmar, and luckily the new year coincided with time for us to see the Golden Rock so it worked out well. Thank you Madhu, and wish you a great year ahead ~

    • A wonderful comment ~ any photograph able to transport a viewer to another world brings a smile to me. Wish you a great weekend.

  24. Like always your photographs are simply beautiful , and the writing with them is lovely . Inspiring as always ❤

    • Wonderful words to hear on a Saturday ~ thank you for getting the weekend off to a good start.

  25. Your pictures look very alive (I don’t know if it’s correct word for this). Great colors, vivid images. Bilere

    • This is a great, the word “alive” is just what it felt like being up there ~ and what I hoped to convey with my photography here, thank you very much Bilere.

  26. Hi Randall, Your post has given me a wonderful feeling of renewal. Your stunning images tell your story and then, coupled with your beautiful writing, create the most satisfying and creative piece. Happy Year of the Monkey and may it be filled with wonderful moments like these.

    • Thank you, Jane. It is always a great feeling to being in a stunning and different environment…and then later taking a look at the shots to see that they hold what was seen and felt. Wishing you a great year ahead too ~

  27. Such an amazing and wonderful post Randall and as always accompanied by stunning photography. Beautifully done and a great tribute to the Year of the Monkey. Wishing you all of the best as well. Thanks for sharing these special moments. Love the quote by Eric Roth. 😀

    • Thank you very much, Sophia, it is a good start to the year for me ~ and I too very much like the Roth quote, he seems to push the mind towards the unique experience in life. Cheers ~

  28. ‘Create some more…’ I love that call back to life, it says everything. Your photos are absolutely luminous, as is your prose, thank you for sharing this Randall.

    • I’ve always been told the measure of life are experiences (and love) of life, so collect as many as possible… Thank you very much Andrea, and happy you enjoyed this post.

  29. Never stop traveling and taking your wonderful pictures, accompanied by gorgeous prose. This is a wonderful start to the year – I need a place to go where I can lose my wrinkles!

    • Every time I finish from a trip like this, I feel like I am a kid again ~ and can hardly wait to get out again. Hopefully, this year will have a couple of moments similar to this one… I also find, if I have a few beers, my wrinkles tend to disappear as well (at least temporarily).

  30. I love the story but the photos told such a story by themselves,it was amazing. i was making up stories in my head about all those people. Beautiful.

    • You’ve got the same view of new cultures and people as I do ~ looking at the scene around me and wondering about the lives they live. Part of the wonder of travel and seeing new things that startle and make me think differently about the world. Wishing you a great weekend ahead Jayne, thank you.

  31. Great photographs. I’d added a few more wrinkles myself over the previous year, but I’ll be sad to see it go all the same. I’m a sheep/goat, so it’ll be a while before my year rolls around again. My wife’s a monkey, though, so perhaps she’ll enjoy it. 🙂

    • Thank you, Bun. Always a good sign to add a few more wrinkles by years end (I am an optimist at heart)…and I too was very sad to see the Year of the Goat end…enjoyed it quite a bit. You’ve got a good connection to this year, however, so be sure to enjoy.

      • Now I must be honest and admit that I’m not sure I believe in horoscopes and things. On the other hand, if it says something good about my luck this year, it certainly can’t hurt so I’ll take it anyway. 🙂

      • I’m the same ~ if the horoscope says something good I’ll let the positive thought in, for as you say it certainly can’t hurt.

  32. Wonderful set of Photos Randall! Congrats!

  33. Passionate, powerful, beautiful. Thank you, Randall. May all the best be yours in this year of the Fire Monkey. ❤

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