Ellinor, The Year of the Goat, and Quantum Entanglement

Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-1 From the moment I awake, I lie silently and listen to the calling of the universe to determine the type of day ahead, because every day has its own personality. Some mornings are overwhelming, blasting with the sound of horns and a declaration of chaos. A day that can zap the life out of the soul, and the only bright spot is thinking of the good tomorrow may bring. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-2 Other mornings, the universe whispers and the day arrives quiet and serene. I am able to spend the day deep in thought, piecing together ideas and by night my life resembles some type of order. Then there are mornings like today, when the universe offers a connection that seems very personal. A feeling of confidence floating between secrets and knowledge: an invitation for adventure and a day to push the envelope. Hood Canal - Potlatch-22 I roll out of bed as the sun breaks, brew a fresh pot of coffee and wander down to the water. Breathing in the morning air and looking up at the mountains, it is impossible not to wonder about Ellinor. There is nowhere else in the world my troubles melt away than here on Hood Canal and the Skokomish wilderness. It is here my consciousness pervades a deeper level of reality, a connectedness to nature. Many people have such a place ~ a place of solitude that brings out an instinctive feeling of inspiration.  Perhaps it is love. A need for a deep association with the world etched into who we are as individuals. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-4 I cannot help but smile as I think back to a quote The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” – Carl Sagan (Cosmos) My smile turns into laughter, as Sagan’s words reaffirm the relationship I have with Ellinor. She belongs to me as I belong to her. At the quantum level we are one. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-5 Nature holds something true and intrinsic within our souls; a beauty that burns deep within our cells. Writers and poets have long written sonnets about their affairs with nature, and recently leading physicists have joined in with new theories and experiments to show we have relationships far beyond what our minds can fathom. At the quantum level we are made up of subatomic particles, and what a story these particles have to tell. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-6 Physicists are uncovering the magic of these subatomic particles and their incredible gift: their connectedness and ability to communicate with other particles instantaneously and over unimaginable distances (spanning our universe). This phenomenon, called quantum entanglement, is not new – but recent experiments and theories have cracked open this door even wider, which is as exciting as it is mysterious. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-7 Quantum entanglement quite possibly wraps all of us together where everything in the universe is connected to everything else. Scientists contemplating a spiritual side of nature, and theorists spinning their minds trying to comprehend what this all could mean.

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”  ― Carl Sagan

For me, I imagine within my heart is an electron connected to every Roosevelt Elk walking through the wilderness, every salmon swimming in the Skokomish River and every foothold leading up to the summit of Mt. Ellinor. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-8 So on this beautiful day, how can I possibly be thinking of quantum entanglement, especially while standing here on the shores of Hood Canal looking at Ellinor only thirty-miles away? I am here because I believe Ellinor has reached out to me to visit her once again. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-9 Once a year, I take a pilgrimage to her peaks to rejuvenate my soul and recharge my spirit. It sets my mind right; the rush of the climb, the beauty along every step is the easy answer why. I am aware of the Unrequited Love of Ellinor, which makes my return perhaps even more special. No expectations, no great planning, just a great hike that in the end leaves me speechless. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-10 I’ve been hiking Ellinor as far back as I can remember, summiting her and exploring the peaks of her neighbors. Each time, on my descent I felt both spiritually complete and physically spent. I must admit that even prior to my hike today the jealousy of never seeing a mountain goat, somewhat common around this part of the Skokomish wilderness, flickers in me every now and then, but my faith holds true. Ellinor will grant me this moment when the time is right. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-11 Standing here, three days into the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Goat, I have the idea that Ellinor has brought me to her to make this year special. The weather is perfect. The summit is easily accessible this early in the year due to light winter snowfall, and I am ready to strengthen my relationship with her and all that is around me. Waking this morning to Ellinor’s subsonic whispers of the day’s possibilities was perfect. I drink the last of my coffee and walk along the waters of Hood Canal, content in the solace she has offered. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-12 Being out in nature makes it easier for me to imagine we are all just bags of stardust, particles billions of years old cognizant of everything in the universe. The idea of these particles able to communicate over billions of miles instantaneously, though, is tough to grasp but fun to dream about.

  • Does a form of consciousness exist at the quantum level?
  • Does intuition receive information via quantum entanglement?
  • Do the strange results in quantum physics in regards to observation link us to Eastern philosophy and deeper levels of consciousness and illusion?

Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-13 Looking up, I see a familiar set of eyes for the first time. These incredible mountain goats seem surprised to have me hanging around the summit, but they share Ellinor with me. Feeling a rush of adrenaline amid the setting sun, I ponder at what the universe and Ellinor is teaching me. I suppose it is just the simple thought to enjoy life and keep listening to nature. Hear the words of the universe and begin to think of “we” instead of “I”. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-14 Everything is “we”. We are interconnected in a way that is obvious, made up of the same material: stardust. The difficulty of this connectedness lies in the depths of the links and attachments we have to the universe and to each other. It is a bit overwhelming. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-15 Jumping around the boulders, following these impressive mountain goats I am thrilled this day has finally come. A day I expected, and perhaps that is why it is here. Why I am here. The majestic confidence these goats have, somehow clinging onto the face of a cliff with their hooves when all looks lost is impressive. I feel a bit foolish thinking that finding these mountain goats on today’s climb within the first week of the Year of the Goat has some significance, but then who is to say it doesn’t. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-16 The universe works in mysterious ways, and as with the secrets of Ellinor, the secrets of quantum physics are many as well.  It is exciting to hear of physicists discussing the results of the same particle, appearing in different places at the same time and opening the possibilities of the manipulation of space-time. The mysteries of quantum entanglement, these connections possibly holding information we can only dream to uncover. The déjà vu we feel, possibly a flash of past experience or emotion from the subatomic level. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-17 Perhaps most important to me as I put on my headlamp, pack up my gear and prepare to descend the mountain, is the idea that we never truly die. Pieces of me will carry over. The connectedness throughout the universe gives me confidence, and perhaps some state of consciousness imbedded in my subatomic particles will keep my spirit alive. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-18

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.”  ― Carl Sagan

Consciousness, I imagine, is a vital part of the universe.  Perhaps not in the way we understand human consciousness today, but in a different form.  I suppose when my time comes, I will find out. The world of physics is a world of magic with so much to learn. Accompanying physics is the magic of philosophy.  One of the tenets of both Buddhist and Hindu philosophy is the idea that everything is energy, dancing in form ~ a dance with the continuous weaving of the form and the formless. Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-3 Such a poetic description can double as a definition of quantum entanglement as well. A description physicists today are telling us very well may be reality. Until then, it is good to be with Ellinor. It is good to accept that we may all be a part of a scary-large family. Work hard, play hard and be good. And listen to what the universe has to say.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-20

296 Comments on “Ellinor, The Year of the Goat, and Quantum Entanglement

  1. What a beautiful post! Not just for the intensity of the images, but for your message… you made me feel quite emotional. I’ve never heard of quantam entanglement before, but it makes sense to me. I understand your love of the high places, I feel deep contentment there, and they were special to our ancestors too.

    • Beautiful Ali, the photographer/writer in me has just received one of those compliments that will last a lifetime, thank you. There is something special in this and all pieces of nature that will always take us back to where we belong.

      • I believe that to be true. I think more of us are realising this too.

  2. That goat. Or should I say those goats. Every single picture with them is absoloutely magical, I don’t know how you and your camera do it but I just find them so magical. I love reading your words. You sound so inspired, so fused into one with nature, happy with Ellinor and the beauty of nature. On the other hand I feel like I’m going though personal turmoil days. Maybe I need a retreat out to nature…

    • Ellinor is a perfect remedy to chase away and resolve any turmoil Sofia, just say the word and I’ll meet you at the summit 🙂 I am sure those magical goats will do their best to entertain you as well. Nothing quite like a retreat into nature to put things into their proper perspective. Wish you a great weekend and coming week ~

      • No, meet me at the bottom and we’ll go up together! I’m sure that will make me forget everything

      • Great idea ~ we can first have a quick bite to eat in Hoodsport and then start the trek to the top ~ and trust me, every problem will disappear the minute you breathe in that great Northwest air 🙂

  3. Randall, your quiet intensity is so evident in this post and as I read, you pulled me into your story. Your description of the morning experience is mine as well. You put into words how I “read energy” before I get out of bed each morning. There is no suprise on my part that you as well understand this. Your photography is exquisite, leaving me with tears in my eyes for the Beauty you have shown and for what each photograph represents. Quantum entanglement as expressed here by you I have been a seeker of, with my conclusion, that Love is the “key”. When we LOVE all, we truly become One. How particles communicate fascinate me which is evident in my own Life when I “know” something that is no where near me. This post is priceless, Randall. Just glorious to behold. If more of us would get back to the Connection of Mother to seek answers to the questions you posed here, we would receive those answers. I read recently in a book, that one flower holds the answers to all of Life. As you ponder upon the Year of the Goat and mountain goats, I ponder upon flowers. How are we all connected? I keep coming back to Love. Bless you for this tremendously powerful post, my friend. I am deeply honored that our paths have crossed. With Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy ~ it is always the beginning of the day I look forward to the most. The things life throws our way fascinates me to no end, and as you say it is only then when we realize how great it is to love life and have love in our life. Your words are magic. Wish you well ~

      • Randall, you are the magic. Every one of your posts holds so much information, that if those who read them would incorporate what it is you freely give, they would know they truly are walking on Holy Ground. I’ve been back a few times to read this post again. Since I don’t know what the Year of the Goat signifies, I will go on my “hunch” and say it is all about the ability to be able to safely climb and survive in places when in looking back, we honestly don’t know how we have done it. The way these goats just cling to seemingly impossible places just blew my mind. Thank you, Randall. Love, Amy ❤

  4. Nature has been a source of fascination, and mystery, for humans. It gives us inspiration to create religions, traditions, and cultures. It challenges us to conquer its tallest peaks, explore its densest forests, dive its deep oceans. Perhaps it is the way our inner spirit tries to reconnect that quantum entanglement. Amazing photos, Randall! They are truly breathtaking!

    • This is a perfect description of nature and our fascination of all that is around us; it inspires us and pushes us to get out and experience things in life that we never before could have imagined. Cheers Bama, thank you for the great comment.

  5. Beautiful -l I see a children’s book. there is something magical about that goat and that we are all made from pieces of stars. I “borrowed” that quote. Lovely way to start the day.

    • Thank you JAZ, it would be great to have a children’s book with such thoughts ~ they have such imaginations that they would easily understand it all so much better than us adults 🙂 Cheers and wish you a great weekend.

  6. A really beautiful post, and your photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂

    • Thank you Linda ~ it is such an incredible area. From what I’ve heard, Quebec has some incredible sights as well, I hope one day to make it out to the Saguenay Fjord. Wish you a great spring.

  7. I truly love this post, the images and the way your trickle the breadcrumbs of your story with each one, and the overarching theme that science and spirituality are not mutually incompatible. This is what I believe and that the very same sense of wonder and sense of something beyond ourselves is at the core of spiritual seeking and scientific curiousity. After all who made us wonder, if not He who wants us to discover the truth and our place in the universe…as far reaching or as temporal as it might be!!

    Oh, the only other story I read that affected me with the powerful draw of a mountain was a story called The Thirteenth Apostle by Eugene Vale in 1959. In that case the mountain was El Soledad. While I am an ocean girl and a flatlander for the most part, I appreciate the draw of something forged through powerful ancient forces…as a mountain. Well, I like geology too!!

    And, gotta love those mountain goats. I get vertigo just looking at them standing at the edge of oblivion. Photographically I enjoy so much the strength of their personalities you captured and that steady, fearless gaze…and the white on miles of blue.

    • Thank you Judy for this very insightful comment ~ the goats do have this fearless gaze (which worried me at times when it looked like they might push my gear off the cliff…), but it was their absolute comfort working their way around the mountain that had my respect. Ellinor, and all mountains, do show us a side of nature that is ancient and insightful…just as I think water does as well. Both places, perfect for contemplating what life (science & spirituality) is all about. Cheers ~

  8. What a beautiful post and series of images, Randall. The goats are gorgeous as are the landscapes.

    • Thank you Jane ~ those goats were such at home there on the peak, traversing places I did not think possible. Nature never ceases to amaze. Cheers ~

  9. I was happy to see another post from you Randall. Especially this morning when I had the time to enjoy a cup of coffee and take my time reading through and thinking through your post. First of all the photos are stunning. The mountain goats are quite special. I am always amazed how well they climb on what seems to me almost vertical sections of the mountain, it is like they are one with the mountain they climb on. I have come across them a couple of times while hiking here in the Rockies, it always feels special. Secondly I loved reading your thoughts around quantum entanglement, on how we all may be connected on a subatomic level. Philosophising around it almost makes my mind spin:) The same way as when I start thinking about the universe. Where does it start, where does it end. Is it infinite and what does that even mean. Oh my, look what you started now! 🙂

    • Thank you Inger, agree ~ these mountain goats are impressive, and while a different type of strength with those Bighorn sheep that you ran into in the Rockies, they both have the confident to rule and share a mountain. An awesome experience to see them at their best. I’m the same way when thinking about the universe, whether it is the one above us in the sky or the tiny, quantum one flowing within us ~ it is easy to get lost in thought of all the possibilities. 🙂

  10. What a day you had! What a high! I’m glad. Your musings brought to mind an NPR (Radiolab) story I heard yesterday about divers who found a whale entangled in crab trap lines so badly, its tail pointed straight down to the sea floor and it gasped for breath. Somehow, they were able to cut though dozens of thick, tightly wound ropes to free the whale. The narrator thought it disappeared very quickly once it was free, but no, it swam right back, then it stopped in front of each of several divers, one by one, and peered at them. They couldn’t help but think that they were thanked. An animal psychologist who was consulted said that was wrong-headed – we don’t speak whale, so how do we know what a thank you might look like in their language? But never mind, the fact is that these people had profound experiences meeting this whale. No need to try to lasso it with words. There was communication, across what often seems like an abyss.
    Beautiful photos! I don’t know how you do it – you are so consistently professional in your work! Happy Easter and Goat Year and everything else!

    • You describe it perfect ~ an absolute high, and happy to think back on it today…and I think that is the magic nature haves on us. There are emotions and feelings that simply defy definition (and the limited expressions words create), and the whale story is a great example. Humans tend to have the arrogance to interpret meaning without having true experience. Wish you a great weekend and take care!

  11. Wow! Clearly, you had a beautiful and transcendent experience up there on Mount Ellinor. It was not a coincidence that you encountered your mountain goats this time around—as with all things, it was the perfect meeting at the perfect time. How sublime it must have been! Your words and stunning images eloquently express what was obviously a profoundly beautiful transformative experience. I’m running out of superlatives to describe your photography. The mountains goats are such beautiful creatures and to be able to capture such incredible shots of them up there at the summit, well, there are no words for how wonderful you must have felt. I also love the shots of the receding mountains in tonal gradations. The Carl Sagan quotes are perfect for this post—another of my favourite Sagan quotes is: “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Sometimes, when I eat a slice of apple pie, I image I am eating the Universe (which, of course, I am, at some level). I love exploring the world in the same vein as you; I often ask myself the same questions (and sometimes drive my dear partner mad with my philosophizing and metaphysical mastication). In my view, consciousness is the stuff that not only holds everything together, it IS everything: everything is consciousness within a field of consciousness—infinite subsets within subsets within subsets. It’s mind-bending, I know, but somehow, at some level, I sense the ineffable of truth of it and I know it’s beautiful. You are a mystic, a poet, a writer, a photographer, a great appreciator and lover of life. Thanks for this beautiful, life-affirming post! It’s always pure pleasure to stop by your blog. Wishing you a happy week ahead! ~ Jeannie :))

    • Thank you very much Jeannie, and I agree ~ it was the perfect meeting at the perfect time. They were so at home popping around the summit, not a care in the world and it was as if I belong there with them (minus my fear of heights…). Yes, Sagan has opened the minds of many with his thoughts and words, so much out there (and inside of us) that we do not understand ~ and my time with Ellinor tends to lead me to this train of thought every time 🙂 Wish you a great weekend and coming week.

  12. I always enjoy your posts but this one (and the HK one) are my favorites. The up close shot where the mountain goat is looking right at you and the one where the 2 goats are doing the same are my favorite pics in this. How close were you? Did you use a really big zoom? These pictures made me feel peaceful.

    • For quite a few of the pictures, I was about 10-20 meters, especially around one section of the peak (not much room)…they were incredibly peaceful ~ thank you!

  13. I’ve been thinking about this lately. No matter how hard we try to get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world, humans are the first point of failure when it comes to establishing relationships of any kind; whereas one can be guaranteed to establish a harmonious relationship with nature which endures.

    • The relationship with nature is harmonious and powerful; a perfect place to run off to every now and then to remind yourself of just what is important in life 🙂

  14. Sunlight is a fascinating thing. Scientists say that the photons that bathe our planet in warmth were produced in the fiery heart of the sun millions of years ago. Following the nuclear reaction that created them, they slowly bounce their way outward towards the surface, before making the brief journey of 92 million miles into the lens of our cameras. In a way, that would make your images millions of years old. No matter the science, your pictures are absolutely timeless, Randall. Not to mention the incredible quality and attention to detail applied to your writing. Thank you for sharing, and Tricia and I look forward to your next chime of the Higgs boson. 🙂

    • Love this fact about light Shawn, the path of the photons that bathe our planet is an incredible thing to think about. Everything, in a sense, is timeless and we are merely playing within a very old playground. Something that will never get old running around in nature and wondering about the world. As for the Higgs boson, well I’ll wait for the next big thing from the LHC before tackling this one 🙂 Thank you ~

  15. ❤ magnifique, as usually… last but not least: I'm a Cappy gal, so glad to meet my "sisters"… 🙂

    • Ah yes, a Cappy gal is definitely in for a treat with this post…and for great luck all of this year, it will be a great one for you 😉

  16. Your words and photos go perfectly together, written and shot with exquisite skills and careful thought!

    • Thank you Hien, it was one of those days I will relive in my mind a few times ~ all things came together pretty well. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Breathtaking shots, what an adventure, Dalo! Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos!

  18. Your post and your photos are exceptional. What an unusual finding, it made my day. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • They are amazing creatures ~ perfectly at home on a 1cm outcropping, peering down hundreds of meters below. Cheers.

  19. Fantastic photos – unbelievable how these goats are climbing around in these dizzying heights …. And how you did the same !!

    • Thank you Truels ~ it was something else to see these goats go places I didn’t think possible. I kept having to remind myself that not only to I not possess their skills, but heights can create a little panic in me as well 🙂 Cheers…

  20. magnificent photographs with an apt discussion of nature and physics!! those mountain goats are awesome!!! Great post!! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Chaitanya ~ there seems to be such a synergy with nature and physics, understanding one helps understand the other 🙂 And those mountain goats, at times, seem to defy physics the way they move around the mountain.

  21. Not only are the images gorgeous, but your words of ethereal wisdom and yet of the simplest understanding. Life feels good when you can stand on top of a mountain and nothing else is. I believe I should find my way to Mount Ellinor one day. 🙂

    • Ellinor would gladly welcome you Otto, and agree that it would be a perfect destination next time you are in the Pacific Northwest. A feeling full of appreciation and life as you know when standing on top of a mountain. Thank you Otto, wish you a great week.

  22. I am inspired with this post. Having time for solitude and reflect things in ourselves, our life, our world or our universe is truly a great moment because the world we have right now is overwhelming and most of the time suffocating. Able to comprehend and understand these kind of things are really profounding. Your thoughts and feelings describe here, I truly acknowledge and honour them. Thank you for wonderful post.

    • Thanks DBA, nothing quite like finding inspiration in nature. It transforms itself pretty well via photos and writing, but as you say when you get out and truly feel and comprehend the greatness of nature and our world it puts the proper perspective into our daily lives. No longer do we feel suffocated and overwhelmed…and we begin looking for that next mountain to explore ~ or in my case, returning to Ellinor again and again 🙂

  23. Wow! The goat is so beautiful! It makes me dizzy to look at it perched up there. This post is really awesome. 🙂

    • Thank you Jackie, these goats were impressive with both their looks and ability ~ amazing animals.

    • Thank you very much Charlie ~ they were willing to let me hang around a while which was pretty cool 🙂

    • It is a great honor Ann to receive such wonderful thank you’s from you ~ wishing you the best. Take care.

  24. Beautiful post, the photo second up from the bottom would make a fabulous screen shot to inspire me for the day ahead. I also share a middle name with your mountain. Lovely words I’ll come back to read them again I love the idea we’re made up of stardust ✨

    • Thank you Charlotte, that second to the last shot was the last one I took of the goats…and it seemed very fitting. The most exciting thing, however, is that my favorite beautiful mountain shares her name with an equally stunning voice 🙂 Wishing you the best Charlotte ~

  25. As you so beautifully put it, there is nothing so sublime as being able to spend a few quiet moments alone with nature and her creatures. I am loving your phrase, “quantum entanglement.”

    • To me, nature is this automatic ‘reset’ button in life, as there is nothing quite like finding yourself immersed in nature to set things back to perfect once again. Thank you ~

  26. Every time I read your words and see your extremely expert photography, I feel my heart tenses up and my spirit lifts like when you feel falling in love. Your words just rises from deep within of all of us. I never knew Ellinor, I assume people don’t, but you made it all related to us, to where we are now, our experiences.
    These are a set of professional nature photographers. The ones who go different lengths to get their shots, the ones who wait, and find the perfect opportune moments. You are a true nature photographer. A true nature photograph who finds meaning to what they photograph.
    My hats off to you once and again, Randall.
    It seems like Nature are posing for you to send us the message … quantum entanglement.

    • Rommel, you write of a perfect feeling for Ellinor ~ every time I go visit her there is both my spirit and heart lifting up, exactly like falling in love all over again. A perfect set of feelings that life can reward us with every now and then. A natural feeling and it seems that it can always find us when we least expect it. It seems easier to find in nature, but then sometimes even when I am in the middle of Hong Kong chaos, I can find that feeling and beauty nature offers. Cheers to a good week ~

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  28. Wow, I have been on some fantastic hikes, but your pictures made me think ‘Have I lived?’ And your words left me profoundly jealousy of your ‘love affair with nature’ I thought she was mine and mine alone…

    • Isn’t that the epitome and beauty of Mother Nature, she is such a tease…makes you believe that she is for you and you alone 🙂 This does go down as one of those brilliant hikes when everything falls together so perfectly. As for Ellinor, well she is mine ~ even though she is a bit of a tramp and sees thousands of others every year. Thanks you Pete and wish you many more adventures!

  29. Amazing images. I like them all but especially the sunsets. How far away from the mountain goats were you when you took these photos?

    • Thanks Mike, I was around 10-20 meters away most of the time…would turn the corner though and I bet within 4-5 meters (and lucky I didn’t fall off the mountain out of shock at those moments).

  30. Hey Randall ~
    I also wanted to let you know that my blog has changed. I lost all my content and followers during a transfer :((( If you would still like to follow me, my new blog address is: west517photos.wordpress.com 🙂

  31. Your insights beautifully augment your photography, Randy. Rather than echo others compliments, I’ll simply borrow one of your own words… “speechless.” Your work is spot-on and always appreciated.

    • Eric, great to hear from you and hope life is treating you well. Nothing quite like a little Ellinor to remind me of the greatness of nature. This trip was perfect in timing and experiencing something new yet again. Cheers to a great spring ~

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