Sexy Mother Nature Shows-off Her Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons2-67HDR

Mother Nature is proof that women rule the world.  Us men are mere toys: something to humor them when they are bored and someone to torment, yet love.  Every time I think I will be clever and try to outsmart the fairer sex…in the end I am humbled.

Understanding this is what made my late-summer plans ridiculous.

Jackson-Grand Tetons-308HDR

I thought I would spend the time romancing the daughters of Mother Nature.  The plan was pretty simple: visit my steady girl Ellinor (of Olympic National Park fame), have a wonderful time together, and then later sneak off to Wyoming to visit her sisters Teton and Yellowstone, to see if their rumored natural beauty was true.

A quick trip, a simple glance and then I would head back to Seattle to be closer to my girl.

Jackson-Grand Tetons-519

Now, I like to think that I am a one-woman man and Ellinor is the girl for me.  I have the approval of Mother Nature, who after some initial concerns, seems to have approved of this relationship.

Despite this good fortune of having such a great lady, it is also impossible to ignore the wisps of allure from across the “room” that can spark a man’s interest: beautiful eyes and generous peaks inviting a lucky soul to walk on the wild side.

Jackson-Grand Tetons-53HDR

Perhaps I mistook the twinkle of the stars in the night’s sky, for a twinkle in her eye, but before I could think, I was in my car speeding towards Wyoming, with a Johnny Cash CD blaring out the song “Jackson” and the infamous lyrics “I’m going to Jackson, I’m gonna mess around…”

Somewhere I’m sure I was thinking…“you’ve got it all with Ellinor and the Olympic National Park, can’t you be content?”  but Johnny pushed those thoughts into the back recesses of my mind.

Jackson-Grand Tetons-388HDR

The description of Jackson, Wyoming has been simply stated as “an oasis nestled between the Tetons and heaven.”  While I’ve question the idea of love at first sight, I think I have been proven wrong.  Let’s just say, after my arrival in Jackson, my mind was swimming as I began looking at houses in the area, preparing for a life-changing move.  Teton was that beautiful.

Grand Tetons2-164HDR

My flirtation with Teton was something I will never forget.  Sigh…  I could tell you story after story, but I know you would think it was something I stole out of Penthouse Letters so I will forego such details.

Perhaps the photographs of sunlight & reflections can paint a more accurate picture than my words ever could…

Grand Tetons2-117HDR

Jackson-Grand Tetons-231HDR

Little did I know while hiking trails in Teton, riding on the winds out of the north, came a waft of perfume…no mistaking it came from the home of Yellowstone.  The scent of another woman, and it broke the spell that Teton had cast on me.

It was with a heavy heart, yet with a spring in my step, I snuck back to my car as dusk settled on the day and barreled out-of-town, heading into Yellowstone to camp on her doorstep for the night.

Yellowstone GT-65HDR

Yellowstone.  Wow.  How could a man walk away from such a beauty without surrendering his soul?  As I heard thunder off in the distance…I realized that I had just been struck by a thunderbolt of beauty and passion.

Yellowstone, this could be a long and complicated relationship.


As I dozed off to sleep, for a moment I felt as if I was floating in bliss with wet kisses of Yellowstone falling upon me.  With a shock, I woke within my sieve of a tent now acting as a small lake and the beating rain of Mother Nature’s fury ensuring me that my nightmare was just beginning.

Yellowstone GT-140HDR

Lusting after three beautiful daughters of Mother Nature, not a situation I had expected.  Each enchanting me like no other…putting on their best face, and waking me each morning with a kiss of sunshine.  They have shown me things I had never before thought possible…and feeling a high I never thought achievable.

Jackson-Grand Tetons-130HDR

It is often said you yearn more for what is unattainable, and this yearning clouds the mind.  I guess while I was singing along to “Jackson” on the way down, I missed the chorus of June Carter-Cash, “Yeah, go to Jackson, you big-talkin’ man…And I’ll be waiting in Jackson…”

With Mother Nature adding: “to hunt you down…”

Yellowstone GT-185HDR

My quick escape to Jackson was made with clothing for temperatures in the 70s, so with unexpected wind and rain, I guess you could say I was caught with my pants down when Mother Nature turned the table on me.

  • The winds pierced.
  • The cold penetrated.
  • The lightening blinded.

Rain coming on quicker than I could retreat to shelter, and on one hike when I found the ‘magical’ shot I had been waiting for, down came the hail, hard and swift.  Stinging me with a vengeance as I missed the shot, and made a long run back to the shelter of my car.

Grand Tetons-28

As the trip ended, I was heading home with my head down and tail between my legs.  Fooled and humbled, yet again.

My best lines and suave charm were powerless against these beauties (and for those who don’t know me, that is not saying too much).  I was nothing more than another disillusioned soul, captivated and toyed with the hope of eternal bliss with nature.

All the same, this dash of misery with cold and wet days was quickly forgotten, as my heart still pounded with blood warmed by my encounters.  I couldn’t help but smile.



Sure, I may be walking away with something close to pneumonia, but it was worth it.  Mother Nature seemed satisfied with my discomfort, believing I had learned my lesson.

The ride home through Montana, Idaho and Washington was beautiful…and I already had a story concocted for Ellinor and the Olympics, and I think Mother Nature is cool with it.

Grand Tetons2-192HDR

These beauties of nature, some may call them Sirens, mystical women who defeat and bring men to their knees.  Myself, I prefer to think of them as Muses providing inspiration to see what is possible and create bigger dreams to chase: reflecting what is hidden in our hearts, so we can recognize our good nature and bring the dreams to life.

Jackson-Grand Tetons-4

As for Mother Nature, she may feel a bit put off with the title of this post, but how could a woman not feel proud of the beauty of her daughters?

The only thing that concerns me, is that while in Jackson, I heard she has three other daughters: Bryce Canyon, Arches and the Grand Canyon in the neighborhood who are said to have beauty rarely seen.  Just my type…

Couldn’t hurt if I took the time one day to stroll down there for a look…could it?!?

Yellowstone GT-83HDR



96 Comments on “Sexy Mother Nature Shows-off Her Grand Tetons

  1. I too, have felt the allure of Mother Nature’s daughters. You however, have captured their awe inspiring beauty perfectly. Absolutely stunning photographs.

    • Mother Nature is so full of surprises and incredible places…tough not to be caught in awe of her every time out. Very happy you enjoyed the photos.

  2. Yellowstone is a magical place indeed. One of my favorite experiences ever involved a drive through a mountain pass outside of Cody, a few white-tails, and an impromptu June snow flurry. Absolutely amazing…

    • Agree, nothing short of amazing. My initial plans were to drive to Cody for a night, have heard great things about that area (parents stayed there years ago)… I will do that on my next trip to Wyoming.

  3. “I couldn’t help but smile” while reading this post, Randall.
    My favorite lines – … oh well, I can’t copy the whole post in a comment!
    A delightful, playful, light, and wonderful post. And to top that off, you’ve got mind-blowing shots. Absolutely fantastic!
    Thank you for making my dreams more colorful and enchanting tonight.
    Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.
    Thank you for finding me so I could find you… 🙂

    • Ha, ha ~ thanks Meghna. Agree, us finding each other has been wonderful. I think that has been the best part of blogging, finding and sharing pieces of our lives and things we enjoy with each other; I suppose we are each other muses in many ways. Cheers!

  4. Stunningly captivating. The images and your words. If this isn’t a book already (or one in the making), it’s missed its calling. I spent the better part of one summer traveling a loop from the Olympics and NW Cascades, through Banff, Yellowstone, the Tetons, Bryce, Zion, Moab, through Death Valley, back up the coast via Shasta, Kulshan, Crater Lake and Rainier. It was the second most glorious summer of my life. I “get” your flirtations with, yearnings for, and conflict between the endless beauty. Perhaps the possibility of polygamy crossed your mind. 🙂 Thanks for rekindling fond memories. Many of which are etched in my mind. Is there more?

    • Thanks Eric, your travels are a perfect route…great variety and beauty. I’d love to make such a trip someday, and happy you enjoyed the photos and the trip back down memory lane, I bet it must have been a pretty magical time. Wish I could head out tomorrow to shoot more, but instead off to China for work for a few weeks 🙂

      • Charlotte, you would definitely be in your element here. Especially in Jackson, a lot of cultural events…your voice would be a perfect complement!

      • I will add it to my list ;). I’ve heard they hold classical concerts in caves I’d love to do that too 😉
        Best wishes Charlotte

  5. I suppose it’s easier to blame it on the woman huh Danny? 🙂 never mind the guy in question has quick hands and seeking eyes,lol
    I got lost somewhere between the thunder bolts of beauties and passions. You have a way with with words Danny, it just pulls the reader in. I think it stems out of a rather rare commitment to seeing and embracing the beauty in nature and life as a whole.

    You captured the true essence of the glory that is our world and just think, all of this in one country. Imagine the rest of the world,imagine the many wonders and passions just waiting for you to stumble upon. The seduction of Danny the willing 🙂 would have been a proper heading but I still like Sexy mother nature and her superb skills at work. Once again, the images captivates, simply enthralling!

    • Beautiful Dotta 🙂 Perhaps I should shoulder most of this blame! I had just commented to Anglophiletoad the other day that taking a “nature walkabout” is a perfect remedy because it allows us to notice and take-in the small pleasant things of life that are often below the surface when we are out-in-the-real-world. Nature is full of them.

      It is exciting to see the wonders and passions of other countries I have visited, and while cultures and languages are very foreign, both Mother Nature and the people remain true to their wonderful nature. Happy you enjoyed the photos!

  6. All of your photos are simply amazing and breath-taking. Totally stunning O.O
    and also thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    Have a great day.

    • Thanks Mark, the clouds did allow a few moments of the pink sunrise to shine through during my stay in the area.

    • Thanks Mark, it was great to see the place and a pretty magical morning…and few photographers which I heard was rare.

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  8. Wonderful images. So colour (well, not the B&W of course) and strong. My favourite is the one with the barn and the clouds hanging low under the mountains. Simply stunning. I have never been to Yellowstone, but would love to go one day.

    • During my short time there, I ran into quite a few photographers from Germany and it was great to hear how much they enjoyed the National Parks and of course to see their great shots as well. If you have the chance, take a few weeks and get lost in the beauty of the area. Cheers!

    • Thanks Rahki, the National Parks of the USA are so magical…and Teton/Yellowstone ranks as one of my favorites. Beauty all around.

  9. I don’t usually ‘follow’ after a single visit but anyone who can write a post as good as this is worth a repeat visit.

    • Thanks Malcom, appreciate the comment. As much as I love photography, when I can write something as well to complement, I can’t help it! Cheers!

  10. SEXY MOTHER ………………………………. some what not sounding well, other wise everything is O.K.
    with great respects & regards

      • Sorry If I interfere in your feelings & writings
        Mother Nature lovable one
        as a matter of fact I desired strongly to reblog, every time, that word sexy…. avoiding me to move further. wonderful posting
        thanks for your positive reaction
        with regards

      • No problem, and fully understand. Thank you, and sure enjoy your poetry, absolutely wonderful stuff.

  11. Looks like you’re in a bit of a confusion with which daughter to choose? Also looks like things could get worse! 😉 Thanks again for sharing your stunning photos. HOw do you make those gorgeous colours?

    • Thanks Sofia, such choices 😉 Both Tetons and Yellowstone exceeded my expectations…and kinda cool to know that there are many more places that have similar beauty. Those colors were there for about 1~2 minutes before disappearing in the early morning. I wish I was back there now!

  12. Such beautiful pictures ! We were in Jackson
    In2012 for the first but I hope not the last time!

    • I feel that way too, hopefully will make a repeat visit in ’14, as I would like to stay for a bit longer as well as head north again and explore more of Montana.

      • We drove from AZ to NY. Saw Jackson Hole, little Big Horn, Devil’s Tower and Mt Rushmore. It was time to see wonderful places in this country. I lived in AZ for 7 years. And we traveled extensively there . Have you been to AZ?

      • That would be a great trip…I have yet to travel to AZ, another destination I hope to make one day.

    • Amen, would love to see its glory in the midst of winter…perhaps next year, as the enjoyment of spring/summer/fall has been more than worth the wait this year 🙂

      • We were there in the summer on our drive from Phoenix to New York. We stayed two nights because there was so much to see. I loved all the families with their teens to tube, and hike, and camp. We just stayed in a lovely hotel, We hadn’t made reservation and so had to stay in a more expensive one than normal . Great destination place for sure.

    • Ha, ha…I did like writing this post. I think I was on a high for about a month after that trip. Mainly because it was a spur of the moment decision to take off that morning right after the Pendleton Round-Up (so Johnny Cash did influence me, as well as Jack Daniels…). Actually, not Jack Daniels, but ‘Pendleton Whisky’ which is incredible…I highly recommend it 🙂

  13. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that
    I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing
    to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

    • Ha, ha…I could not have said it any better! And you kept with the theme of the post as well. Beautiful 🙂

  14. I’m so glad I stumbled onto here. It’s like taking the blue pill in wonderland. Sublimely good writing, comrade!

    • Thank you so much Christy ~ the writing is the part that makes the photography worth it for me. As you know with your writing, once you’re in the groove of a good story or thought, it is just like being in wonderland.

    • Nothing quite like having a place in nature that let’s you photograph her beauty so easily 🙂 Thank you.

  15. I don’t know how I could miss this gorgeous post. Well, so I was in for a belated delightful surprise, 😉
    wonderful, brilliant photos as always, Randall. And such a great flow in your writing.
    Dina x

    • Thank you Dina ~ this post was in many ways paralleling my situation at the time as I was suppose to head back to work after the weekend but instead snuck off to Yellowstone & Jackson Hole and was surprised by its intensity. Work was there waiting for me on my return 🙂

      • Sometimes it’s just to right to postpone work. It’ll wait. 🙂 Even the sound of Yellowstone is magical. Sigh.
        Have a wonderful evening,

    • French ladies always have held a special soft part in my heart ~ will have to check them out 🙂

      • I think they are amazing… from there you can also see the highest mountain in the Pyrennes. These are not just the ladies but Grande Dames! 😉

      • The Pyrenees are great ~ visited them very briefly last year…and based on your photos, I agree, they are definitely Grande Dames ~

  16. Grand Teton National Park is a gem and your photos are spectacular! We camped at the Jenny Lake Campground many years ago and also outside the park in a rougher area. What a breathtaking place to camp! These mountains are jewels and you captured the area so amazingly!

    • Thank you Noelle, the Lake Jenny campground is a great place…I got caught up in a hailstorm near there. Such a magical place and I look forward to my return there 🙂

  17. Reblogged this on Life and Random Thinking and commented:
    Some people take 5 star pictures and share them; exactly what you will find in this reblog. Color and clarity wonderful plus the warm narrative of the author. My hat is off.

    • Thank you very much, Francina ~ I hope to make it back to this area again soon. It is a slice of heaven.

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