Cambodia: Morning at Bayon…

The first morning light brings with it the promise of a new day, and with it new dreams.

Morning Light at Bayon -2

Morning can be difficult to claw yourself out of bed, especially pre-dawn.  However, once your up and feel the anticipation of the day and the peacefulness that surrounds, there is not a better feeling.  Bayon, outside of Phnom Penh was such an oasis.  In the pre-dawn darkness, alone among ancient ruins, ruins that at the time were some of the greatest in the world, it was a blissful feeling.

Bayon Entrance

Breaking Sun at Bayon -12

Starting each day with dreams and hopes of happiness allows us at the end of the day to  reflect on the beauty the morning brings to us.  Reflections in photography are a powerful way to express an emotion of that time when you released the shutter.  When what you felt can be reconciled with what you saw, and can then be shared with others.

Reflection of Bayon Raw B&W

11 Comments on “Cambodia: Morning at Bayon…

  1. That’s really beautiful photography! Are you still in Cambodia? How long where/will you be be there?

    Also, are you learning Chinese?

    • No longer in Cambodia. In Hong Kong, but travel around quite a bit. As for Chinese, yes I am learning and it is a fascinating language (especially the Chinese characters).

  2. I love the third photo very well ^ – ^ his/her smile is really shinning in that beautiful sun light!

  3. Thank you, then the 3rd photo is yours! 🙂 There is something almost perfect about the sun shining on a smiling face.

  4. Hello Dalo…I need to ask you things about the tea pictures (also about the panoramic views, not only macro). We might use them for a web site (organic soaps, one of them is containing Green Tea extract). In order to have a more complete idea, I wish I could see more of these pictures if you have them and also have your quotations. Thank you for the attention and kindly let me know.

    • HI Luana, Sorry for the late reply, traveling in China again with work (and restricted internet access). I will send you an e-mail and then upload some photos for you to review and hope you find a couple that may be useful for you 🙂
      Take care and enjoy the weekend (may it be sunny for you!).

      • Thank you very, very much for the response. Can’t wait to see the pictures, wish we could collaborate. Regarding the weekend, I do enjoy it a lot…hanging around, buying artichokes from the farmer…preparing them the way I always do…..sleeping..dreaming…That’s all….not enough for most of the people, I know…What about your weekend?

      • My weekend has been full of work, a feeling like I am running in quicksand 🙂 Your weekend sounds much better! I will send you an email with the details. Cheers!

  5. Bayon – a place I have never even heard about. And such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing – and thanks for the gorgeous and inspirational photos.

  6. Waking pre-dawn has two sweet results: one gets to capture the beauty at that time of day and have a place all to oneself. Love your shot of the early morning light filtering through the jungle.

    • This trip is so good to look back upon – and yes, predawn has so many advantages. The big two you mention, lighting and seclusion make it worthwhile. Thank you.

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